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Taco Bout It is back!

Sea­son 4 is in full swing and we’ve got some awe­some con­tent for you this sum­mer. Hear from some of our favorite friends in the indus­try about their expe­ri­ences and must-haves for all con­trac­tors, tech­ni­cians, and lead­ers alike.

New episodes every week until Labor Day!

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Fea­tur­ing Guests From:

The past 18 months have been full of chal­lenges, changes, and chances to grow – and that’s exact­ly what we’re talk­ing about with our Sea­son 4 guests!

We’ve seen crazy amounts of advance­ment in the con­struc­tion indus­try in the past few years, but for some of us it took a pan­dem­ic to tru­ly rethink how we do busi­ness. We’re sit­ting down with folks across the indus­try to hear the lessons they’ve learned and the things they wish they’d done way soon­er.

Tune in and see if your busi­ness is ahead of the curve, or if you’ve got some things to learn!

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