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Manage your property, anytime, anywhere.

Sync photos in real-time to keep track of maintenance, create PDF reports for trustees, market vacant properties to potential leasers.

Stop hunting for photos…

If you’re gathering photos from emails, text threads, Google drive, or your camera roll, you’re wasting your time.

Use CompanyCam to take, upload, and mark up photos of your properties and share them in real time. You can add comments, circle problem areas, and communicate with staff or trustees directly on each photo.

…and never say Wait, where’s that?” Again.

CompanyCam’s automatic organization makes it easy for you to find and comment on any property at any time. Just search by location, property name, tags or labels.

When you’re managing multiple properties at a time, having a conversation on a specific photo of a specific property takes away the guesswork.

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What Other Property Managers Have to Say...


Brandon Sowers - B.C. Parker Real Estate

We use CC every day for our property management inspections


Pati Burgess - PCF Property Management

A great app for easily recording properties and leaving comments for others involved in the project.


Kevin Fields - Advantage Property Management

I wish I had a dollar for every person that I have shown this to and testified as to its user friendliness. It’s a great help to me everyday.


Stephen Raddie - The Property Doctor

Excellent app for communicating in real time across the company and locations.


Trent Kreuessel - KC1 Property Group

It’s exactly what my team needed. It also allows us to invite contractors to access and comment on specific folders. It easily saves us 20 hours of work per week.


Mitchell Flyer - Mitchell Flyer Incorporated

[My favorite thing that CompanyCam helps me with is] permanent photo and written records for my properties. I am a broker, contractor, and landlord. This is a fantastic program.

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