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Yep, we integrate with Beam.

Instantly sync photos and documents from CompanyCam to Beam.

We're Big Beam Fans

Beam makes it easy for contractors to send invoices and pay bills online with speed and accuracy—without the paperwork, spreadsheets, and hours of manual data entry. Our mission is to accelerate the development of housing and infrastructure.

Get Photos Where
They Need to Be

Help your back-office and field team stay in sync by getting photos and documents from the field into Beam. With the photos and documents in Beam, you can schedule subcontractor payments and send out detailed invoices with accuracy.

  • Track Progress Easily
  • Instant Access to Photos and Documents
  • Create Detailed Invoices

CompanyCam + Beam

Once you’ve connected your Beam and CompanyCam accounts, active projects created in CompanyCam will automatically populate in Beam.

Photos and documents added to CompanyCam are then synced back to the corresponding project in Beam for easy viewing. You can then use these photos and documents to manage your finances and track project progress for billing.

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What Actually Integrates?

Active Projects

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