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Storm-Proof Documentation

You’ve worked hard to build your name, but when the storm hits, your name might not be enough. Use CompanyCam and HailTrace together to give yourself a competitive edge over outsiders. Find jobs with HailTrace, organize them with CompanyCam.

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What is HailTrace?

HailTrace is a technology company that excels in weather forensics. Using severe weather forecasting, HailTrace gives companies a headstart on restoring the lives of those affected by hail storm damage. They have a team of five meteorologists that analyze and build a database of hail maps, wind maps, and tornado maps across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Actionable data is then generated to nurture existing customers, build new leads, and track potential prospects.

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What is CompanyCam?

CompanyCam helps contractors build trust with their crews and customers through photo documentation. Users can take unlimited photos — which are all stamped by location and time, sent to the cloud, and stored securely. Every photo is organized by project and instantly available to your team, allowing you to see what’s going on anytime, anywhere. Sharing photos with customers and insurance adjusters has never been easier, and keeping the entire process organized has never been simpler.

How HailTrace and CompanyCam help.

HailTrace allows contractors and salespeople to find damage in their area of business, and connects them with homeowners. Once the contractor gets the green light, they can begin an inspection, and document the entire process with CompanyCam. The homeowner can then file a claim with total documentation of the hail damage, while the independent adjuster comes in to assess.

With clear CompanyCam documentation combined with HailTrace hail report data, the insurance company will have no problem paying for the job. The contractor can make job site updates throughout the entire restoration, and job site photos allow for easy supplement work. In the end, the contractor gets paid and has full documentation of that job site for future storms or due diligence check-ups.

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Visit HailTrace to Claim This Deal

Wes Kingdom Roofing

I’ll plug an address into HailTrace to find all the storm data and dates of loss. There was a lady who called and needed a roof replacement and she no longer had insurance. She hadn’t paid a premium in over a year and a half, but with the storm damage from April 2017 and the info about the storm in HailTrace the insurance company moved forward problem free.

Just Buy it. You’ll see the value immediately. CompanyCam and HailTrace are the two biggest no-brainers in the industry. If you don’t like, then cancel after a month of really trying it out, it won’t hurt anything because it’s so cheap.”

Size matters. Hail facts.

Hail ranges from small to large but doesn’t discriminate — it all causes damage. Millions of dollars are spent fixing up properties around the United States. 

Strips leaves off plants, damages vegetables in gardens.

Breaks glass, scrapes paint and wood, dents metal, perforates tents.

Breaks some roof tiles, dents cars, strips tree bark.

Shatters roofs, breaks window frames, does heavy damage to cars.

The storms speak for themselves.

Each year the U.S. gets hit by multiple hail storms. When it comes to severe weather, Texas has it the worst — thunderstorms, flash floods, hail, and tornadoes. The graphic to the right shows an average of severe hail storms each year from state to state.

Asset 7 Map
Asset 3 USA Hail

Instances of large hail across the U.S.

As contractors, we have one main goal and that’s expanding our business through quality customer service. The only thing more fulfilling than making a lot of money is providing a homeowner with efficient and well-done work on their property. Find jobs with HailTrace, organize them with CompanyCam.

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