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It was the best deci­sion I ever made for my business.”

The com­bi­na­tion of Hail­Trace and Com­pa­ny­Cam will com­plete­ly trans­form the way you do busi­ness. If you sign up for Com­pa­ny­Cam and Hail­Trace today, you’ll earn 30 days FREE and 50% off your first two months of Com­pa­ny­Cam and 10% off any Hail­Trace map or 15% off the full product.

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What is HailTrace?

Hail Trace uses severe weath­er fore­cast­ing to give com­pa­nies a head start on their com­pe­ti­tion at restor­ing the lives of those in need. In addi­tion to fore­cast abil­i­ties, Hail­Trace cre­ate hail maps that show the exact path hail storms take and over­lay that swath on a Google map.

Hail Trace is a weath­er con­sult­ing com­pa­ny that excels in weath­er foren­sics. They have a team of 4 mete­o­rol­o­gy experts that ana­lyze every hail storm across the coun­try then devel­op hail maps for each storm show­ing the size of hail, dura­tion of hail, num­ber of homes impact­ed, and wind speed and direc­tion. They can then take this knowl­edge to alert users imme­di­ate­ly to a new hail storm then cre­ate and move a mar­ket­ing plan into action.

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What is CompanyCam?

Com­pa­ny­Cam is a pho­to-based solu­tion cre­at­ed for con­trac­tors, by con­trac­tors. Users can take unlim­it­ed pho­tos — which are loca­tion and time stamped, sent to the cloud, and stored secure­ly. Every pho­to is orga­nized by project and instant­ly avail­able to your team, allow­ing you to see what’s going on any­time, anywhere.

You’ve worked hard to build your name, but when the storm hits some­times your name isn’t enough. Use Com­pa­ny­Cam to give your­self a com­pet­i­tive edge over the out­siders. With Com­pa­ny­Cam you can work smarter, avoid cost­ly mis­takes and get paid faster. Your cus­tomers will love the added account­abil­i­ty and peace of mind.

How Hail­Trace and Com­pa­ny­Cam help.

Hail­Trace allows con­trac­tors and sales­peo­ple to find dam­age in what­ev­er area they choose to do busi­ness. The soft­ware con­nects those con­trac­tors with home­own­ers. Once the con­trac­tor gets the green light for inspec­tion, Com­pa­ny­Cam is a neces­si­ty. A con­trac­tor does an inspec­tion, doc­u­ment­ing their entire process and shares their pho­tos with the home­own­er. The home­own­er can then file a claim with total doc­u­men­ta­tion of their roof dam­age while the inde­pen­dent adjuster comes in to assess the damage.

With clear Com­pa­ny­Cam doc­u­men­ta­tion, the insur­ance com­pa­ny will have no prob­lem pay­ing for the job. The con­trac­tor can have job site updates through­out the entire restora­tion. If need­ed, job site pho­tos can allow for easy sup­ple­ment work. In the end, the con­trac­tor gets paid and has full doc­u­men­ta­tion of that job site for future storms or due dili­gence check-ups.

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Wes Kingdom Roofing

I’ll plug an address into Hail­Trace to find all the storm data and dates of loss. There was a lady who called and need­ed a roof replace­ment and she no longer had insur­ance. She hadn’t paid a pre­mi­um in over a year and a half, but with the storm dam­age from April 2017 and the info about the storm in Hail­Trace the insur­ance com­pa­ny moved for­ward prob­lem free.

Just Buy it. You’ll see the val­ue imme­di­ate­ly. Com­pa­ny­Cam and Hail­Trace are the two biggest no-brain­ers in the indus­try. If you don’t like, then can­cel after a month of real­ly try­ing it out, it won’t hurt any­thing because it’s so cheap.”

Size mat­ters. Hail facts.

Hail ranges from small to large but does­n’t dis­crim­i­nate — it all caus­es dam­age. Mil­lions of dol­lars are spent fix­ing up prop­er­ties around the Unit­ed States. 

Strips leaves off plants, dam­ages veg­eta­bles in gardens.

Breaks glass, scrapes paint and wood, dents met­al, per­fo­rates tents.

Breaks some roof tiles, dents cars, strips tree bark.

Shat­ters roofs, breaks win­dow frames, does heavy dam­age to cars.

The storms speak for themselves.

Each year the U.S. gets hit by mul­ti­ple hail storms. When it comes to severe weath­er, Texas has it the worst — thun­der­storms, flash floods, hail, and tor­na­does. The graph­ic to the right shows an aver­age of severe hail storms each year from state to state.

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Instances of large hail across the U.S.

As con­trac­tors, we have one main goal and that’s expand­ing our busi­ness through qual­i­ty cus­tomer ser­vice. The only thing more ful­fill­ing than mak­ing a lot of mon­ey is pro­vid­ing a home­own­er with effi­cient and well-done work on their prop­er­ty. Find jobs with Hail­Trace, orga­nize them with CompanyCam.

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