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Your Sales Process Brought to Life with Photos


Did you know that adding something as simple as photos into your sales process can help you with client communication, remote measurement capabilities, AND custom agreements that will wow your customers? Seems too good to be true, but it’s not.

Follow along below to find out tips and tricks on capturing pictures that will help your sales process run more efficiently and accurately.

5 tips & tricks on how to use photos in your sales process

  1. Take a picture of the wall or siding color to ensure you match the color. Snap a quick pic of the paint color that is in the area you will be working on so that when it comes time to patch everything up, you can easily reference the photo and grab the correct color to match.
  2. Record material receipts for electronic tracking. Everyone struggles to keep track of paper receipts and it’s common for us to misplace them from time to time. By taking a photo of your receipt as you progress through the project, you can easily reference them at any time and not have to sort through a stack of papers.
  3. Help customers visualize design changes by annotating photos; Ex., adding molding to a doorway. A lot of people respond better to visuals than they do to a verbal explanation. Use photos of their home to show them your plan for improvements. This is going to draw them in and make them more invested in the project which ultimately leads to a higher close rate.
  4. Show how a decision will impact everyday use so that customers can share in your overall vision; for instance, a contractor could share a photo showing the customer where carpet will go in a hallway. Customers come to you with a problem they want fixed. They have a vision in their head of what it will look like, but you are the expert. By providing them with solutions you can visually show them, making their day to day more comfortable will push you ahead of any other contractors they are looking at.
  5. Show where an electrical outlet will go in a kitchen remodel. Use annotating capabilities to draw on the photo and make sure that all components of electrical are where the client wants them to prevent any sort of mix up where double work could be required. You can also send these photos to the electrician so they are clear as well.

Try a few of these tips (or all 5!) on your next project. CompanyCam and One Click Contractor recently partnered up, making photo integration even easier. Something as simple as incorporating these tips can have a major impact on your business in the best way possible.

Rachel is the COO/CMO at One Click Contractor. One Click Contractor is Your All-In-One Virtual Sales Platform! The premier virtual home improvement sales software solution that enables you to transform your business and connect with the customer across the new virtual kitchen table. Adapt and thrive within the new normal way of selling home improvement jobs by embracing the use of technology to measure, estimate, sell, and get paid — all done virtually.

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