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Webinar Wednesday: Recapping our Webinar with Premier Claims


If you’ve come to any of our events, watched Taco Bout It, or hung out with us at a show — you know how much we love our friends over at Premier Claims. Which is why we were so excited to have them co-host a webinar with us! We sat down with our pal Boris to talk all things insurance. 

Boris walks us through the claims process and lays out everything you need to know in order to get your claims paid fairly, as well as how to create and implement a solid risk management program that actually works.

What is Premier Claims: Premier Claims is a fully licensed and bonded public adjusting firm based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Licensed through each individual state’s Department of Insurance, they provide expert assistance to policyholders throughout the claim process. While enabling maximum financial compensation, they exceed the industry standards set by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

What is CompanyCam: Founded in 2014, CompanyCam is a photo-based solution created for contractors, by contractors. Users can take unlimited photos — which are location and time stamped, sent to the cloud, and stored securely. Every photo is organized by project and instantly available to your team, allowing you to see what’s going on anytime, anywhere. With CompanyCam you can work smarter, avoid costly mistakes and get paid faster. 

The claims process can be tricky, and insurance companies are never a pleasure to deal with, which is why having a company like Premier Claims in your corner is so important. 

Using a public adjuster allows you to focus on the work, and the adjuster to focus on the claim. Working with a public adjuster means you have someone on your side who is reviewing the policy and looking for ways to get you the most coverage, negotiating the claim, reviewing estimates, and more. 

Helpful Tools:

  • HailTrace — Weather mapping and storm tracking software to support your claims. 
  • CompanyCam — Documentation of every job is crucial when handling claims. The more photos the better. 
  • Land Glide — Helps find property or building information and guide your search on tax assessor sites. 

Master Service Agreement: Throughout the webinar, Boris mentions the importance of signing a master service agreement. What this entails is building relationships with property owners to become the go-to guy for any and all maintenance, running routine inspections on properties after storms, and thoroughly documenting every inch of the property to protect against any pre-existing damage’ arguments when filing claims. 

Boris talks more about this in the webinar. To get his full take you can watch it here.

Importance of Referrals: Beyond securing your position with a property manager after signing a master service agreement, you’re also putting yourself into a great position to gain referrals. Word of mouth from satisfied customers carries so much weight in this business, so getting your name out there, providing exemplary work, and going above and beyond for your clients will do you tons of favors going forward. You’ll get more leads, close more deals, and grow your business like crazy just by doing the job right and treating your customers well. 

To learn more about the claims process, the must-haves for no cost risk management, and more watch the full webinar here! Special thanks to Boris Altman and Premier Claims for collaborating with us on this webinar. 

We host webinars with our partners and other industry experts twice a month, so keep an eye out for announcements on how to register over on our Facebook page. 

Jordan Small is a Product Marketing Manager, focused on integrations. She spends her days working alongside our Product team and our industry partners to create impactful content and experiences to educate our CompanyCam users and drive feature adoption. When she clocks out, Jordan enjoys losing at darts, watching stand up comedy specials, and attempting to convince everyone she’s a real 90’s kid.

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