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Water Cool­er Tips: Using the Time Stamp for Mois­ture Readings

We’re back with anoth­er water cool­er tip! This week, we’re focus­ing on our restora­tion users and are going to show you how you can use the time stamp fea­ture to keep your water test­ing results orga­nized and easy to find.

As a restora­tion expert, you know you’ve got­ta take mois­ture read­ings at each vis­it, but did you know you can orga­nize all the mois­ture read­ings you take at a project with tags and col­or coding?

Sim­ply take a pho­to of your mois­ture read­ing, add the large time­stamp, and change the col­or to match the results of the read­ing. After you change the col­or of the time­stamp, you can add a mois­ture read­ing” tag to the pho­to, mak­ing it eas­i­ly search­able and log­ging all your mois­ture read­ings in chrono­log­i­cal order. At a glance you can see all the mois­ture read­ings you’ve tak­en at a site, orga­nized by time and col­or-cod­ed for easy access.

If you have any help­ful tips or tricks you’ve come across while using Com­pa­ny­Cam, send them our way! We’d love to hear the fun and unique ways you use the app.

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