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3 Reasons You Need CompanyCam


CompanyCam is so much more than photos. It combines progress updates, communication, problem-solving, and marketing materials — all in one place. We’ve created a solution to all those memory cards, Dropbox photos, emails, texts, and calls to everyone at different job sites. 

Our photos work overtime to help you stay on top of all your projects. We needed a tool that allowed us to be more productive and communicate more easily, so we made one. Whether you work in roofing, pool building, distribution, or any other construction industry CompanyCam can make your day-to-day so much easier. Check out how. 

1. Manage Any Project, from Anywhere

With CompanyCam, you’re able to view progress at every single one of your job sites without hopping in your truck and driving all across town. We’ve made the process super simple so that you can save time and monitor your sites more efficiently. When photos are taken on site, they are sent to the cloud and organized into a photo feed automatically so you and your entire team can see progress in real time.


2. Multi-Purpose Photos

CompanyCam photos go to work for you as soon as they’re taken. Every photo is location and time stamped so you know exactly what project it was taken at, as well as when it was taken. You can also draw, comment, and tag photos allowing you to have real-time conversations with complete context of the problem at hand and giving you the ability to call out specific areas that need attention.

Aside from problem-solving and real-time updates, our smart photos can quickly be transformed into beautifully formatted marketing materials for your Facebook, Instagram, or website. Our Before & After Camera allows you to look through your before’ photo and perfectly line up an after’ shot. It does all the heavy lifting for you, so you just pick your layout and share!


3. Minimize Liability

When you’re doing work on other people’s homes, you’ve got to make sure you have your bases covered. Taking photos of everything before and after you begin work is a surefire way to make sure you aren’t blamed unnecessarily for any damage that homeowners may find. Having all your photos from a job instantly available to be sent in for an insurance claim makes an unpleasant situation a little easier! 

If you’re a distributor, it’s also a great way to document that products were delivered on time. With our location and time stamping, you’re sure to be in the clear of any potential mishaps. 


Try It Today 

We created CompanyCam because we experienced all these problems and couldn’t find a solution that did everything we wanted. Our customers are now constantly coming up with new ways to use CompanyCam to solve problems we never even thought of. We might be a little biased, but we think you should really check it out! Sign up for a 14-day free trial, or a quick CompanyCam demo to see it in the works.

Jordan Small is a Product Marketing Manager, focused on integrations. She spends her days working alongside our Product team and our industry partners to create impactful content and experiences to educate our CompanyCam users and drive feature adoption. When she clocks out, Jordan enjoys losing at darts, watching stand up comedy specials, and attempting to convince everyone she’s a real 90’s kid.

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