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The Best of Blueprint 2023

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This year, CompanyCam brought Blueprint — a one-day event designed for contractors — to three major cities. Each event featured speakers covering the most relevant topics in the industry today. 

That’s a wrap on Blueprint 2023!

A lot went down in Dallas, Denver, and Chicago. We can’t recap every second of it, so instead we compiled the best of the best — yearbook superlative style.

The Fan Favorite: Shawn Van Dyke 

Shawn Van Dykes keynote presentation was a hit for a reason — he broke down his Delight Trifecta to show how a simple system is the key to designing a customer experience that creates RAVING fans. The strength of Shawn’s presentation was that it was never vague or theoretical — his advice is always practical, actionable, and realistic. 

One of the biggest takeaways was the power of a boring” business — or a business that follows a simple system designed for success. Shawn isn’t just a great speaker, he’s also an author! To learn even more from Shawn, purchase his book Profit First for Contractors on Amazon!

The Outstanding Newcomer: Sebastian Jimenez of Rilla 

Rillas co-founder and CEO Sebastian Jimenez was a new connection for CompanyCam this year. In his presentation, he emphasized the similarities between sales and sports when it comes to data-based approaches. Drawing inspiration from the way data analysts can improve player performance and increase wins, Jimenez recommends a similar approach for sales calls. 

By leveraging Rilla’s AI technology to record, transcribe, and analyze customer interactions, sales representatives can use data to refine their calls. This approach saves countless hours for sales managers, and improves the efficiency of the entire team. 

The Hottest Topics: Sales and the Customer Experience 

One theme that kept coming up at Blueprint was the wide world of SALES — including optimizing your sales process, leveraging cutting-edge sales software, and forecasting the future of sales. Throughout the event, sales remained a central focus, highlighting its pivotal role in shaping business success. 

  • Sales Transformation Group CEO Ryan Goth talked about building a high-performing sales team to drive growth in your company. 

  • Groundwork CEO Jeff Wraley shared stories of contractors who have implemented virtual sales tech to streamline their sales process and accelerate sales growth. 

  • SumoQuote CEO Ryan Shantz analyzed buying experiences from some of the world’s top companies to share how these practices can be applied to your construction business.

Another topic that came up again and again was the customer experience. In 2023, your customers are interacting with hundreds of different brands and businesses every week. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to make sure that every experience they have with you is EXCELLENT. 

Topline Pro CEO Nick Ornitz shared practical tips and strategies to take control of your customer relationships, and Thomas Basch of Leap talked about how the most successful contractors are leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and remove obstacles.

Most Excited to See You: CompanyCam 

Our team loves going on the road to see our customers face-to-face. CompanyCam CEO Luke Hansen was excited to travel to Dallas and Chicago to meet with users, get feedback, and mingle with partners.

Luke didn’t have to travel alone — six CompanyCam Customer Success Managers also joined the Blueprint tour. At their booth, they offered free 1:1 training, answered questions, and walked attendees through new features like Signatures, Project Templates, and more. 

If you weren’t at Blueprint, but you still want some training, email success@​companycam.​com to get on their books! 

Most Likely to Succeed after Blueprint: YOU 

We hope you learned a lot at Blueprint, because here at CompanyCam our number one priority is your success. 

Blueprint 2023 may be over, but we’re still here to support you—join us at a future trade show, explore our blog, or join a live class!

As the copywriter on the content team, Marge spends her time trying to find clear, concise, and consistent words to describe CompanyCam. When she isn’t writing copy for a landing page, trying to craft the perfect feature description, or editing emails, Marge is probably taking a personality quiz or telling someone about a personality quiz she took (she’s an INFP and an Enneagram 4). She lives with her husband Nate and their cat Virgil above a bar, and her favorite activities include re-reading Harry Potter, re-watching Gilmore Girls, and re-gretting her latest impulse buy.

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