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Taco Bout It Recap: What the Hail Is up with Hailtrace?


Taco Bout It Season 2 is wrapping up, and we’re excited to have Derik Kline, Co-Founder of Hailtrace as our last official guest of the season. Michael and Derik talk about how to get out of a pattern of season income flow, and we finally find out what in the hail is up with Hailtrace.

What is Hailtrace?

Derik Kline has always been a weather geek. He’s been chasing storms since he was 16 years old. In May of 2010, a huge hailstorm hit Oklahoma City and a friend who was a contractor happened to ask Derik if he could draw him a map of where the hail had impacted the city. Using what he knew about radar and weather (for instance, the largest hail typically falls near the updraft) and just google maps — Derik made his first hail map. 

Hailtrace, a hailstorm mapping and CRM software, was born out of this simple idea; Real meteorologists and radar experts are going to be able to build more accurate maps than an algorithm will. 

Using maps drawn by expert meteorologists, makes HailTrace the most accurate and credible hail mapping application in the world. They don’t stop at great hail maps though, with the Hailtrace software you can instantly access information about potential customers who’ve just experienced a storm and may have damage, as well as being alerted to current customers who may be needing inspections after a hail storm has gone through. Hailtrace not only shows you where the damage was, but helps you track who was affected by it and where those people are in your sales funnel. 

Beyond Seasonal Income Flow 

One of the biggest challenges facing contractors, roofers and thus Hailtrace became the seasonal income flow of their work. Spring and summer were where they made all their money while business dropped off significantly in the fall and winter. So how could Hailtrace help contractors keep their sales funnels full during the slower, colder months? 

Using their software’s CRM capabilities and historical data, Hailtrace software is now able to help contractors find potential customers in their area who may have potential damage from past hail storms who are not being actively pursued. The historical data helps generate new leads and has helped companies triple their income in markets that areas may not have had a major hailstorm in years. 

After The Storm

How do you use a tool like Hailtrace to maximize your potential profit after a hail storm? Did you know that 40 – 50% of homeowners who experience hailstorm damage choose to fix and/​or replace their roofs?

Start With Your Current Customer Base

  1. After a hail storm, Hailtrace will send you a list of your current customers impacted by the storm. 
  2. Hailtrace suggests an email blast because it’s the fastest. The most important thing is to follow up with your customers. 
  3. Documentation is huge throughout this process. Keep track of all property damage with photos stored in CompanyCam

Reach Out to Potential Customers

You’ll be able to get phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and more in swaths of affected areas on the mobile app and Hailtrace website

Coming Soon

Coming soon to Hailtrace, tech that will text your customers an automated message from your company when they get hit with hail.

Huge thanks to Derik Kline and Hailtrace for joining us this week on Taco Bout It!

Join us for next week’s like Q&A session!

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