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Meet Blueprint 2023 Keynote Speaker: Shawn Van Dyke

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Blueprint 2023 is a must-attend event for contractors and pros looking to grow their business. Join us in Dallas, Denver, or Chicago this May! Get tickets here and use code SHAWN for 50% off. 

Hi There, I’m Shawn! 

I’m Shawn Van Dyke, construction business coach, entrepreneur, author, and your 2023 Blueprint keynote speaker. 

In case you haven’t heard yet, Blueprint is CompanyCam’s one-day event designed to give contractors and pros like you the tools to draft a plan for growth, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Why I’m Partnering with Blueprint

Attending Blueprint means hearing from industry experts and focusing on topics that are relevant today — like the role of technology in your business, building and retaining a team you can depend on, and gaining traction in your industry.

With a lineup of speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities, you’ll leave feeling ready to take your business to the next level.

As a business coach and consultant with real-life experience in contracting, I’m passionate about helping you level up your business — whether you are a seasoned contractor or just starting out. There’s always room for growth and improvement!

The Delight Trifecta™

Blueprint 2023 is coming to Dallas, Denver, and Chicago in May 2023. As the keynote speaker, I’ll be presenting in all three cities about designing your customer experience to automatically create raving fans.

I’ll explain my simple process that answers the three questions every customer wants to know. When you incorporate these questions — which I call The Delight Trifecta™ — into your business, you’ll upgrade your customers’ experiences in less time and make more money.

My goal is that by the end of my presentation, you’ll know how to deliver a repeatable and scalable customer experience that creates raving fans, because those fans will become your best salespeople.

Can’t wait until May to dive into these topics? Check out one of my books—Profit First for Contractors or The Paperwork Punch Listor visit my website to learn more.

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I’ll see you there!

Shawn Van Dyke is a construction business coach, keynote speaker, and author of two books—Profit First for Contractors and The Paperwork Punch List. Most contractors are not profitable, which makes them feel uncertain about what they need to do to grow their construction businesses. Shawn believes construction business owners should be as good at business as they are at their craft. That’s why, after twenty plus years of owning and operating multiple construction businesses, Shawn became a construction business coach. He now works with construction business owners, executives, and managers all over the world and shows them how to stop losing profits and wasting time. He is the CEO of the Built to Build Academy® which creates confident construction business owners by providing operational systems and support.

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