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Four Reasons to Attend Highway to Hail 2022

Highway to hail 2022 1

Highway to Hail: Sharpening the Axe is setting up to be the best H2H yet. This year, our tour is stopping in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, and Orlando to drop all the knowledge contractors need to know to grow and scale their businesses in 2022.

On the fence about attending? Here are the four reasons why you should.

1. It’s FREE

Highway to Hail isn’t one of those hacky contractor workshops that charge hundreds of dollars to serve you burnt coffee and ice-cold advice.

Thanks to our sponsors, Highway to Hail is completely free to attend. With your one-time payment of $0.00, you’ll get food, drinks, and exclusive gear – not to mention buckets of knowledge from our industry leaders to help you learn, grow, optimize, and scale in 2022.

Highway to hail 2022 2

Your new tee will make your co-workers jealy.

Speaking of those industry leaders.

2. Learn From Industry Experts 

We’ve put together a superband of nine experts for our five-city tour. They’ll share their insights into everything from attracting and retaining talent to effectively utilizing tech on the job. Here’s a taste:

  • Hail Trace CEO Derik Kline will present his 2022 storm season forecast and ways to turn wind, tornado, and hail data into actionable business opportunities.
  • Tiara Searcy from Atlas Roofing will share tips on marketing your business in smarter ways in 2022.

In addition to a handful of other sessions, we’ll have a kickass leadership panel made up of these folks:

3. Build Relationships with Area Pros

If free stuff and industry insights aren’t enough, then the chance to talk shop and expand your network with local contractors has to be.

Dozens of contractors, insurance agents, and real estate pros have built connections at past H2H events that have led to prosperous partnerships.

Check out our Facebook Events to see if any of your crew is already planning to join us in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, or Orlando.

4. The CoCam Fam Will Be There

The cherry on top. The icing on the cake. The free Whopper for filling out the survey?

If you attend, you’ll get to hang out with your favorite people from your favorite photo documentation app. You can drop us feedback and ask questions about all things CompanyCam. And we’ll show you the latest features, tips, and tricks in the app.

The closer the dates get, the quicker spots fill up. Don’t wait—register today!

Christian is known round these parts as the silent wizard — whipping out editing, researching, and strategizing skills like it’s nobody’s biz. As a Content Strategist, he stays busy assisting our Product and Activation/​Retention teams with all their content needs — all while staying as quiet as possible. (Heaven forbid he’d talk too much.) 

After work, Christian can be found hanging out with his beautiful wife Ruth, playing catch with his dog Sunday, rewatching that one Indian reality TV episode he starred in (#famous), or making dumb vides on his fine. Go on, Christian. Share your work with the class.

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