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Is Your Construction Company Falling Behind?


Technology is impacting every industry imaginable. From healthcare to construction, new tech is constantly being developed to make jobs safer and more efficient. When companies adopt new technology, they’re able to get a jump on the competition and streamline their workflow. 

We’ve done some digging and have found the best new tech that’s out there for construction companies. From 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) to drones, there’s no shortage of amazing innovations being made. Is it time your company tried something new?

Keep an eye out for the up-and-coming construction trends, too!


Drones are more than just the new cool thing, they can also be a great way to save your business some headaches. Beyond just photography, drones can be used for surveying land, monitoring job sites, building inspections, and improving safety. 

Using drones is a time and cost efficient way to survey the project site, build maps, and collect data before you even break ground on a project. Having accurate information before a project begins is crucial to sticking to a schedule and staying on budget.



Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a crazy cool new way to plan, design, and build projects. Across industries 3D BIM tech is being used to create better, more innovative structures and increase productivity. Whether you’re in architecture, construction, mechanical or electrical BIM is being used in your field already, why wait?



Exoskeletons may sound like something from The Terminator, but they’re actually pretty handy in construction. Exoskeletons can be worn by any worker and can instantly assist in lifting and moving heavy objects, tools, supplies, etc. with minimal effort. 

There are a few companies out there that are building these with construction workers in mind. One of them, EksoBionics, is hoping to transform the construction industry and spare workers aches, pains, and injuries on the job site. 

Minimizing the impact of lifting and carrying heavy objects can help prevent injuries, strain, exhaustion and create a much safer and more efficient worksite.


3D Printing

Buildings are actually being printed. 3D printing is creating a much faster, less wasteful, and inexpensive way of constructing homes, office buildings, even skyscrapers. 

The special concrete used in 3D printing is thicker than normal and can support itself and dry quickly, with some structures finished in less than 24 hours. The time and materials saved make a huge impact on one construction site, let alone hundreds or thousands.


In the past, the construction industry has been slow at adopting new technology, but in today’s day and age it’s nearly impossible to avoid. While new tech can be daunting and a little expensive, it’s usually worth the investment of time and money. New developments being made are improving safety, productivity, and allowing businesses to get more creative and innovative with their designs. 

If strapping a robot to your body or printing a building sounds a little too intimidating to start with, CompanyCam is a great way to get your business introduced to the construction tech world. We make it super simple for you to manage your projects from anywhere and stay on top of everything. Check out our photo solution and see how it can help your business be more productive, no matter what industry you work in! 

Jordan Small is a Product Marketing Manager, focused on integrations. She spends her days working alongside our Product team and our industry partners to create impactful content and experiences to educate our CompanyCam users and drive feature adoption. When she clocks out, Jordan enjoys losing at darts, watching stand up comedy specials, and attempting to convince everyone she’s a real 90’s kid.

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