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Com­pa­ny­Cam: No Suit, No Problem

Long sto­ry short: This is not Luke’s body.

Full ver­sion: Are you sure you wan­na know?

Luke Hansen, our CEO, is going to be speak­ing at an event in April and they want­ed a nice, pro­fes­sion­al head­shot of him to put in their pro­grams and adver­tis­ing mate­ri­als. A sim­ple ask, right?

Wrong. Noth­ing is ever sim­ple with Luke.

Instead of throw­ing on a suit jack­et and tak­ing a quick head­shot, Luke insist­ed that Caleb, our Swiss Army Knife, pho­to­shop his head onto a businessman’s body. Yes, for real.

So Caleb went hunt­ing in the trea­sure troves that are stock pho­to sites for a busi­ness­man with the approx­i­mate mea­sure­ments of our founder and CEO. This is how we spend our days.

Businessman Stock Photo

Caleb stum­bled upon this love­ly gent and decid­ed he was The One. And so began the expe­di­tion to trans­form Luke Hansen, Garbage Human, into Luke Hansen, Founder and CEO.

Now, the rea­son we’re shar­ing this sto­ry with you isn’t to tout Caleb’s prowess in pho­to­shop or to expose Luke’s lazi­ness, but rather to give a glimpse into the dai­ly life here at CompanyCam.

The sto­ry of this sil­ly, dumb head­shot paints a pret­ty great pic­ture of what we val­ue at Com­pa­ny­Cam, sur­pris­ing­ly enough.

We’ve got a set of basic core val­ues that define our com­pa­ny cul­ture here, and we thought this head­shot was a near­ly per­fect embod­i­ment of those values.

Every­one has a Voice

We don’t sub­scribe to the hier­ar­chy method of doing busi­ness. Sure, there are peo­ple who are in charge,” but we val­ue input from every­one on our team. Whether it’s a sum­mer intern with an idea or the CEO him­self say­ing he wants to pho­to­shop his head onto a stock pho­to, we lis­ten. Some­times against our bet­ter judgement.

Get Shit Done and Make It Work

While we’re all about hav­ing fun at work and fos­ter­ing an envi­ron­ment where you’re work­ing with friends instead of strangers, we also all have jobs to do. Work­ing in a start­up is demand­ing. You’ve got­ta be flex­i­ble, strate­gic, quick on your feet, and above all else — you’ve got­ta turn out a sol­id prod­uct. We don’t let dead­lines, no mat­ter how tight, escape us. We don’t lie down when some­thing doesn’t pan out. We get all the infor­ma­tion, get shit done, and make it work with what we’ve got. And we’re doing a pret­ty good job so far. So when your boss asks you to pho­to­shop his head onto a stock pho­to in the next 20 min­utes so we can send it out to be pub­lished, you get that shit done.

Do the Right Thing

This is kind of the uni­ver­sal gold­en rule, but some­times you got­ta remind peo­ple of it. Doing the right thing can mean any­thing from ask­ing for help when you need it, giv­ing a lit­tle tough love when it’s nec­es­sary, or advis­ing on issues of con­cern. It’s a cru­cial part of our cul­ture that we can count on every­one to speak their mind and say what’s up, espe­cial­ly if they feel we may be head­ing down the wrong path (i.e. pho­to­shop­ping your boss’s head onto a stock pho­to). And most of the time you’ll be appre­ci­at­ed for doing the right thing, but occa­sion­al­ly you’ll be com­plete­ly ignored.

Grow the Individual

And final­ly, we want every­one who works at Com­pa­ny­Cam to con­stant­ly improve them­selves and grow as an indi­vid­ual, whether it’s their skills that improve or just their gen­er­al per­son­al­i­ty (we’ve tak­en in a few duds, read: Kyle). We love tak­ing on new peo­ple, chal­leng­ing projects, and ran­dom tasks that pro­vide us with an oppor­tu­ni­ty to grow and push our­selves out of our col­lec­tive com­fort zone (like pho­to­shop­ping your boss’s head onto a stock pho­to).

It should go with­out say­ing that we do things oth­er than pho­to­shop our boss’s head onto things, but we thought this was stu­pid enough to be enter­tain­ing and show­cased our val­ues in true Com­pa­ny­Cam fashion.

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