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Com­pa­ny­Cam Employ­ee Uses App to Ren­o­vate Home

Alright, Alright. I’ll admit it. I may serve con­trac­tors every day in my role at Com­pa­ny­Cam but I am a far cry away from being a con­trac­tor – espe­cial­ly if I want the job done right.

So this fall I hired out the fin­ish of my base­ment. And while I had to turn in my cov­et­ed man-card for a month and sit on the side­lines as my home got a facelift, it was the absolute right move for our fam­i­ly. Here’s why:

  • It actu­al­ly got finished!
  • It was on time
  • It was with­in budget
  • And my mar­riage was still well-intact when all was said and done 🙂

The Base­ment

The base­ment fin­ish was a rel­a­tive­ly small project. The 1,000 s.f. walk-out base­ment would include a full bath­room, a cou­ple of bed­rooms, a read­ing nook, dry bar, and an enter­tain­ment space. Our goal for the space was an open floor plan that would allow for as much nat­ur­al light as pos­si­ble, but we also want­ed it to feel cozy and to be a place where we could enjoy time together.


The Con­trac­tor

Find­ing and hir­ing the right team to get the job done wasn’t as easy as I had orig­i­nal­ly antic­i­pat­ed. Some con­trac­tors were too busy, too expen­sive, didn’t see our vision, didn’t show up for meet­ings, you name it.

But when my wife and I met Travis with Mar­shall Con­struc­tion, we knew we had our guy. Wan­na know what sold us on him? My love­ly wife feels very strong­ly that details mat­ter, much in the same way that Steve Jobs was an absolute mad­man in say­ing the inside of his com­put­ers should be as beau­ti­ful as the out­side. My wife had made up her mind on Travis when he said that he reg­u­lar­ly eval­u­ates anoth­er contractor’s work and will often look at how much care was tak­en build­ing out and fin­ish­ing the unseen parts of a clos­et. Run for the hills if the con­trac­tor slops it togeth­er; you have a win­ner if the clos­et you store your out-of-sea­son clothes is pris­tine and immaculate.

The Deal

Any con­trac­tor who has ever done work for me will tell you that part of the deal to earn my busi­ness is that they have to let me pull their ear about Com­pa­ny­Cam and how great it will make their com­pa­ny! My pitch to them was part­ly to hawk Com­pa­ny­Cam, but main­ly I was hop­ing I could see the app being used on my own project to expe­ri­ence the val­ue, see the visu­al trans­for­ma­tion and fig­ure out how we could make this prod­uct bet­ter. And I’ll give you the punch­line now: it kicked a$$.

Val­ue Added With CompanyCam

Pho­tos that Tell the Story

One thing that I sin­cere­ly admire about the nature of con­struc­tion is that with each project con­trac­tors are using their hands to take some­thing from less­er to bet­ter – or at least that’s usu­al­ly the idea.

In the case of our base­ment, at the begin­ning, it was a com­plete­ly blank slate – a con­crete walk-out base­ment with some ran­dom framed-in walls. At best, it was pre­vi­ous­ly an awe­some shell of a space to let my kids ride their big wheels down­stairs and addi­tion­al stor­age space. But in about a month and a half, it all came togeth­er to form a com­fort­able space that our fam­i­ly can tru­ly enjoy and invite oth­ers into.

I used CompanyCam’s pho­to gallery to show the visu­al trans­for­ma­tion of the study nook for our two lit­tle girls to cre­ate what­ev­er they can dream up, learn about the world, and relax and enjoy a small moment.


Pho­tos that Remem­ber Every Detail

Even as small as my base­ment project was, I real­ized that there are a ton of details that go into a suc­cess­ful project – and all of them mat­ter to keep the project mov­ing. We made about 1,000 trips to all of the dif­fer­ent build­ing prod­uct sup­pli­ers to explore the uni­verse of any­thing and every­thing that could go into dec­o­rat­ing a base­ment. Shuf­fling paint swatch­es, com­par­ing door knobs, step­ping on floor­ing, look­ing at coun­ter­tops, light­ing fix­tures, cab­i­nets, bathtubs.

Remem­ber­ing all those details can be HARD. Ques­tions arise con­tin­u­al­ly through­out the project like: Which paint and car­pet swatch did we final­ly set­tle on and what was the exact names of them? How does that col­or work with the light fix­ture we picked out? Where were we putting the light switch­es? Did we want ceil­ing fans?

Com­pa­ny­Cam was per­fect for us to snap pic­tures of what we had decid­ed on togeth­er so we didn’t have to try to con­stant­ly jug­gle all the details in our already-busy, stressed out minds. When we weren’t ques­tion­ing our­selves so much, we could enjoy a more relaxed process.


Pho­tos that Solve Problems

I’m con­stant­ly impressed by con­trac­tors’ cool­ness in the face of unfore­seen cir­cum­stances. They take it in stride near­ly every time and solve the prob­lem. I asked myself, why is that? My only con­clu­sion is that it’s busi­ness as usu­al for them.

Crazy stuff hap­pens dur­ing con­struc­tion projects – and when it does, you want to know who is at fault.

And let me tell you, some crazy stuff hap­pened dur­ing our base­ment remod­el. About halfway through the project, I got a call from my wife telling me that the fire depart­ment was at our house because there had been an explo­sion. You read that right, an explosion.

Turns out, it the cul­prit was a leak in our HVAC unit that had a lot more bark than bite. Still, we need­ed to get the unit repaired as well as fig­ure out how some­thing like this happened.

I fig­ured with some­thing so unusu­al hap­pen­ing, it had to be someone’s fault. I only had a few peo­ple who had worked in and around that space so I spoke with Travis, a sub­con­trac­tor who had recent­ly done some duct­work, and final­ly called the HVAC tech who had been in our house 4 months ago.

After talk­ing to Travis and the sub­con­trac­tor, my wife and I were fair­ly cer­tain it had to have been some­thing the HVAC tech had missed. I called him up and explained what had hap­pened, or at least tried to – my HVAC jar­gon isn’t up to par. After strug­gling to ade­quate­ly explain the sit­u­a­tion, I had a come-to-Jesus moment and remem­bered I could just use Com­pa­ny­Cam and send him some pic­tures call­ing out the specifics. Sure enough, see­ing those pic­tures was enough for him to real­ize exact­ly what had hap­pened and send a tech our way to solve the problem.

Now, it’s easy for me to plug Com­pa­ny­Cam and talk about how awe­some it is – it is my job after all, but trust me when I say this thing rocks. It kept us in the loop with our con­trac­tor, allowed up to keep track of all the small details that go into cus­tom projects, and pre­vent­ed us from point­ing the fin­ger at an inno­cent par­ty. I’d say that’s pret­ty sol­id proof of what Com­pa­ny­Cam can do. As both a home­own­er and a guy who talks with con­trac­tors all day long, I’ve seen first hand the kind of time and mon­ey Com­pa­ny­Cam can save you. But don’t take my word for it, try it your­self on your next project!

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