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Integration Announcement: CompanyCam + Builder Prime


CompanyCam and Builder Prime are now integrated! This contractor-focused CRM makes managing jobs, estimating, and invoicing simple and with the CompanyCam integration, all your photos will be in one place. Learn how to set up the integration or sign up for Builder Prime at the link below. 

CompanyCam is thrilled to announce another new integration, this time with Builder Prime! Builder Prime is the all-in-one CRM, estimating, and project management software made for contractors. 

Builder Prime works with contractors in all trades to make lead tracking, following up, sales, invoicing, and more as easy as possible.

With this integration, CompanyCam and Builder Prime users can connect their accounts and keep all their most important documentation, photos, and communication in one place. You can connect existing CompanyCam projects to projects in Builder Prime, or create new projects in CompanyCam as projects are created in Builder Prime. Once you’ve synced a project between the two platforms, photos that are taken in CompanyCam are then instantly available to view in Builder Prime. 

We put together a great CompanyCam and Builder Prime integration tutorial, so check it out for step by step instructions on getting started. 

Not using Builder Prime? You can sign up at builder​prime​.com/​c​o​m​p​a​nycam.

About Builder Prime: Builder Prime is a CRM tool that is designed specifically for how contractors interact with their customers. It will help you automatically organize and manage your leads, prevent leads from slipping through the cracks, provide better service to your customers, automate marketing, sales, and production processes, and more. Learn more at builder​prime​.com.

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