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8 Landscaping Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Top recommendations: Green Industry Podcast, Landscape Disruptors, Landscape Business Course, Lawn & Landscape Radio Network, and the Million Dollar Landscaper podcast. And give CompanyCam’s podcast a try, too: Contractors Playbook. *And there is a bonus podcast at the bottom.*

If you wanna learn something new, listen to a podcast. These days, podcasts are one of the most consumed forms of content. Listen to one on your way to work. Play it during your lunch break. Podcasts are the wave of the future– everyone’s listening to them. 

Finding the right podcast can be difficult, though. There are so many great ones out there! But have no fear– our industry team did the research for you. Looking for advice on growing your landscaping business? Struggling to market your work effectively? Needing inspiration from the experts? These podcasts will be right up your alley.

Follow the list below for 5 landscaping podcasts you should be listening to!

Logo for Green Industry Podcast

Green Industry Podcast

The Green Industry Podcast is helping landscapers grow their business and become profitable. Paul Jamison, host of the podcast, understands the complexities of the business and how it can be difficult to run a profitable landscaping company. Listen and learn the best practices in making your landscape business more profitable through interviews, stories, and technology. “Mowing that grass to and making that cash.”
Logo for Kid Contractor Podcast

Kid Contractor Podcast

One of the most popular contractor podcasts, Kid Contractor has taken the landscaping industry by storm. This podcast is a MUST! Focused on the wide range of landscaping and general contractors beyond, the host Caleb shares the ins and outs of running a successful business. With over 20 years in the industry Caleb and his wife Brittany have many valuable lessons to share to help you crush your goals.
Logo for Lawn and Landscape Radio Network

Lawn and Landscape Radio Network

This podcast is all about hearing the latest behind the business in landscaping with best practices in management from market-leading manufacturers. With over 120 available episodes, Lawn & Landscape Radio Network keeps its listeners updated with the latest news and hottest trends from the green industry.
Logo for Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast

Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast

The Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast is all about "helping landscapers create more profit and more growth with less hustle in their business." This podcast helps landscapers take their business seriously and grow company revenue.
Logo for Good Contractor

Good Contractor

Good Contractor, hosted by CompanyCam CEO Luke Hansen and John Talman, attempts to answer what it means to be a good contractor. In each episode, a new contractor joins the co-hosts to share their experiences, stories, and hot takes on what it means to be good in their field.
Logo for Landscape Disruptors

Landscape Disruptors

Landscape Disruptors is the go-to news source for everything landscaping. Landscape Disruptors discusses everything from industry trends, to technology, to marketing, to business. Hear from top performers in the lawn, landscaping, and snow industries on their tips and tricks to being efficient and profitable. Tune in weekly for new episodes hosted by Mark “The Boss” Bradley and Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek. “Let’s Talk Dirt.”
Logo for Landscape Business Course

Landscape Business Course

Looking for quick tips, practices, and digestible ways to get your landscaping business up and running? This is the podcast for you. Landscape Business Course will have your business on track within the first few episodes. The podcast includes interviews with landscapers and course members looking to grow their business. Mike Andres, host of the show, gives actionable advice on how to advertise, hire, and scale properly for your company.
Logo for Commercial Landscaper

Commercial Landscaper

Commercial Landscaper is a podcast by Dave Anderson and Robert Clinkenbeard. It will help you take your business the next level. Dave and Robert talk you through thinking differently: don't be on an island alone. Believe in yourself! This podcast often involves experts from around the world who have seen a thing or two. Be empowered by this podcast!

Let us know what you think of the podcasts in the comments below: which is your favorite? Learn any interesting facts? Hear any crazy stories? 

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