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Save the Hassle of Digging Through Photos

Combing through hundreds of images can be a drag. That’s why we offer tags and project labels to organize job progress.

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Sort, Search, and Filter Your Documentation with Tags

If you’re capturing all the documentation you need on a project from start to finish, the number of photos to sort through can quickly become overwhelming. CompanyCam allows users to create tags, a feature that solves this issue and lets you quickly get to the images you need.

Tags can be added to the images as you take the photos or added after in bulk or to individual images.


Have a Searchable Photo Bank of Every Job

We know you’ve wasted hours scrolling back though the photos on your phone trying to find that picture of that one thing — but you just can’t find it. Never again! Every CompanyCam photo is fully searchable by project name, address, who took the photo, and when it was taken. You’ll find the photo you need in seconds.

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Track the Sales Process or Even Manage Repeat Business

Create tags for projects in the sales process with tags like bid,” estimate sent,” or deposit paid.” On the flip side, if you come across a future need on a site, you can tag it with reminders like spring 2022” or follow up.” There are plenty of handy ways to incorporate these into your workflow and easily manage opportunities.

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