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Our all-access Premium plan gives your company an advantage over competitors with exclusive solutions and guaranteed access to our newest features.

The Premium Advantage

Effortless Documentation and Built-in Marketing

With Premium features like logo stickers, Report Templates, and video walkthrough mode, it’ll be easier than ever to show off your work and standardize your processes.


Report Templates

Don’t waste your time doing repetitive work — save your most used reports as templates to standardize your documentation and close more deals.

Video Walkthrough Mode

Video Walkthrough Mode

Use the front and back cameras of your phone at the same time to add a personal touch to a sale, and make any video feel like a face-to-face meeting.

Only available on iOS devices.


10-Minute Video

For some projects, 2 minutes just doesn’t cut it. Take longer videos for inspections, bids, and demonstrations, or add more details to a progress update.

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Logo Stickers

Upload your company’s logo and use it as a watermark on photos to make sure you always get credit for your work.


4K Video and Ultra Photo Resolution

Capture the finer details with high-quality photos and videos, without any of the hassles that can come with sharing large files.

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Premium is $29 per user a month, or $24 per user a month if you pay once for the whole year — a savings of 15%.

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