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What can contractors learn from startups?

You need to pick Luke Hansen’s brain. From roofing contractor to founder of a fast-growing industry software, Luke’s seen both sides of the business. His innovative ideas and no B.S. approach are the perfect recipe for inspiring contractors and business owners to take action and reap the benefits of thinking like a startup.

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Where it all began

Growing up with a father in the roofing business, Luke’s seen the inside of a contracting company since he was 13 years old. The practical experience gained in moving from ground crew, to nailing shingles, to running crews of his own, has earned him the credibility and reputation in the industry as one of us”. In his frustration to find an app that helped his team better manage pictures and communication about projects, he founded CompanyCam, and the construction industry was forever changed.

Since starting the company in 2015, many in the industry have asked Luke to share his story, including lessons learned along the way. This startup wisdom” has become part of Luke’s message and is wildly popular among event attendees.

Luke Hansen Roofing Polaroid
At the risk of sounding unprofessional, I think I love you man! CompanyCam is everything I would want if I could design it myself! I’ve been documenting job conditions since before digital cameras. I probably spent a small fortune on Polaroids. I have years of uncategorized photos on my laptop. We have lost phones with hundreds of now lost photos!”
Kevin Kraft, from Ozzie Kraft

Luke studied mechanical engineering in college, but dropped out to move to Europe and teach 3rd grade.

Read, watch, and listen for yourself.

Rather than take our word for it, you’re invited to check out these examples from recent events. Get a feel for Luke’s story, audience value, and overall brand experience. 


Creating an app for roofers

GAF Regional Kickoff 2018

SpeakEasy Episode 2



Why people are more important than product


Discussing tech startups in the trades industry


How to document your work

Luke doesn’t actually know how to code (though he understands code and can speak to it). But that didn’t stop him from founding a software company.

Speaking topics and tidbits

While Luke is asked to speak or write on a number of topics, they typically all fall into these two topic areas:

What Contractors Can Learn from Startups

Startups are all the rage, but few understand what a startup really is. Luke Hansen started a tech company in 2014 after more than a decade in the contracting business. Going from $0 to $2M revenue in 3 years, he's discovered a lot of "startup lessons" that apply to contracting businesses to hep them grow, fast.

From simple things like giving every customer a gift, to more complicated topics like A/B testing your messaging, retargeting your website visitors, and nailing your unique value proposition, the startup methodology isn’t just for tech companies anymore.

Get the lessons learned, failures and screw-ups, and discover why contractors who learn to think like a startup will blow away their competition.

Hint: This does not include lame tips like “have a cool office with a ping pong table”.

Why Contractors Should Communicate Like Teenagers

You may not think that your daughter’s addiction to Snapchat is relevant to your contracting business...but you’re dead wrong. Personal and business communication has changed drastically. From home phones and cell phones to texting and Snapchat, nothing is like it used to be!

As the founder of CompanyCam, a virtual tool that allows contractors to visually document their work, Luke Hansen and his team have witnessed this firsthand as their company has processed more 2 million projects and 25 million photos in less than 5 years.

Luke will explain how a culture driven by smartphones and visuals is transforming trade industries, and why contracting businesses that communicate like teenagers will dominate the market going forward.

Luke is a huge fan of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. When he’s not leading CompanyCam, he can be found discussing the future of currency and relationships with anyone who will listen.

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