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Save yourself the busy work.

Spend less time going back to job sites after a bid. Take all your photos of what needs to be done, specifications, etc. on your first visit and get your team to work earlier once the bid is won. 

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Owners - Grounds Guys

We did a bid a year ago, just a basic mulch job, and the homeowner decided she’d wait a while longer. Well, this season she called us up again and because we had all the photos from the last time we went out there we were able to get her a quote without making a trip back to the property.”

Put processes in place that help your business grow.

Ensuring you get the photos and documentation you need is easy with CompanyCam. Crews can upload photos in real-time at each job so you know what’s getting done while you’re back at the office or at another site. 

Foreman - Grounds Guys

We save hours each week, just in communicating back and forth about jobs.”


Find exactly what you need, when you need it.

All the photos you take in companyCam are stored securely in the cloud, not on your phone or on a memory card, so you’ll never have to worry about losing photos, running out of storage, or spending hours uploading pictures to the computer.

Start taking smart photos today.

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