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What is CompanyCam?

Handy at every step of the process.

We designed CompanyCam to grow with your company. 


Take your pho­tos direct­ly in the app and they’ll be orga­nized by project loca­tion and date.


Every pho­to you take is stored secure­ly in the cloud, so no space is eat­en up on your phone.


Com­ment and anno­tate pho­tos direct­ly in the app, so you can have con­ver­sa­tions that don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Send gal­leries to cus­tomers, gen­er­ate reports for insur­ance claims and keep every­one on the same page.

photo-of-drew-smith headshot

Drew Smith - Brad Smith Roofing

Com­pa­ny­Cam has def­i­nite­ly helped our com­mu­ni­ca­tion, with­out a doubt. Every­thing in this busi­ness is urgent; it’s about how fast you can put your eye­balls on a sit­u­a­tion and come up with a solution.”

photo-of-andrea-mueller headshot

Andrea Mueller - Terrytown Plumbing & Heating

This is the coolest flip­ping thing since sliced bread. My guys are con­stant­ly emailing/​texting me pic­tures. Then I have to print them, save them etc. It’s always been a roy­al pain. This is so great that all of them go to one place.

Jonathan Mussari - Artistic Tree & Landscape Creations

Com­pa­ny­Cam pays for itself in just a cou­ple inci­dents where a cus­tomer says, No, I don’t want to pay for that’ and it’s a thou­sand dol­lars. The app just paid for itself three times over. It’s a no brainer!”

photos-of-zach-clarke headshot

Zach Clarke - White Castle Roofing

I used to make hun­dreds of phone calls every day just to keep up to speed with the progress of our jobs. Now I’ve cut that in half and know twice as much!”

Testimonial Dusty Rieck headshot

Dusty Rieck - Sandhill Roofing LLC

The ease of use, the instant pho­to shar­ing and label­ing makes our work a lot eas­i­er to com­mu­ni­cate with home­own­ers, prop­er­ty man­age­ment and crews.”

Stacy Bull - Pella

Our tech­ni­cians were send­ing job site pho­tos to each oth­er’s phones, my phone and var­i­ous com­put­ers. We missed pho­tos, we would lose them, it went to the wrong com­put­er, peo­ple were call­ing and say­ing I sent it’ and it wasn’t there. It was a mess.”

Matt Erickson - C.J. Erickson Plumbing

Com­pa­ny­Cam solves the need to store the pho­tos. That was our ini­tial thing: where to store the pho­tos? We were hav­ing so much trou­ble with stor­age space with iCloud and all these dif­fer­ent things. Now, no one has to wor­ry about stor­age — they can just take pho­tos!

Dale German - D2 Contractors

We are def­i­nite­ly tak­ing more pho­tos now… for one because we have more peo­ple able to do it and have it all in the same place and it’s just more con­ve­nient.

Brandt Edwards - Fencing Solutions and Construction

Com­pa­ny­Cam is sav­ing me mon­ey in the first two weeks of using it, and I’m sav­ing a ridicu­lous amount of paper!”

Paul Martin - Tarrant Roofing

I absolute­ly love this app. It is awesome.”

Dennis Vranich - Western Heating & Air Conditioning

Com­pa­ny­Cam makes it so sim­ple to col­lab­o­rate.


Lauren Carton - American Home Contractors, Inc.

I’m real­ly lik­ing hav­ing access to the pho­tos in real time as opposed to my techs upload­ing into Google Drive.”


Josh Herbst - Alden Roofing

We’re pumped. Com­pa­ny­Cam is sim­ple to use and it’s sav­ing us mon­ey.

Richie Harvey - Recover Green Roofs

Now that I’m using Com­pa­ny­Cam, I don’t have to rely on Drop­box to store my pho­tos. Com­pa­ny­Cam takes care of every­thing instant­ly and stores every pho­to in the cloud— not on my phone!”

Kevin Kraft - Ozzie Kraft

At the risk of sound­ing unpro­fes­sion­al, I think I love you man! Com­pa­ny­Cam is every­thing I would want if I could design it myself!

photo-of-tyler-kimes headshot

Tyler Kime - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

What I like is that as the GM I can see what my team is look­ing at in the field. It helps to have a sec­ond set of eyes on projects because items do get missed. It also can be used as qual­i­ty con­trol from your desk!”

photo-of-tyler-kimes headshot

Tyler Kime - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Lo que me gus­ta es que como ger­ente gen­er­al puedo ver lo que mi equipo está miran­do en el cam­po. Es útil ten­er un segun­do par de ojos en los proyec­tos porque los ele­men­tos se pier­den. ¡Tam­bién se puede uti­lizar como con­trol de cal­i­dad des­de su escritorio!”

Kris Barnes - Premier Ductless Inc.

This pro­gram is amazing…I mean the thing is every­one has a cell phone and can be tak­ing pic­tures but there’s no real easy to get them. Being able to have this hub…well it’s pret­ty incredible!”


Thomas Shores - 214 Roofing

Man I love it. It’s real easy to use and very intu­itive. Set me free to do what I need to help my com­pa­ny pros­per. Thanks for the great app. Changed my life, seriously!”

photo-of-mike-hansen headshot

Mike Hansen - White Castle Roofing

Any time every­body is on the same page, you’re going to grow your busi­ness. Com­pa­ny­Cam makes that way eas­i­er for us in every respect.”


Chris Langford - Storm Doctors

It is very help­ful get­ting pictures..with ORGA­NI­ZA­TION back to the home office. It’s a 10 on a 1 to 5 scale.”


Dalton Capley - Conditioned Air Solutions

We love this, its exact­ly what we need­ed. Try­ing to teach peo­ple how to upload to Drop­box, and hav­ing to have them know how to cre­ate a new fold­er is incred­i­bly hard for them, this is by far eas­i­er for them and us in the office. Thank you guys a lot!”


Loren Caudill - Rich Rayburn Roofing

I’m not a pic­ture guy but this app is sick and so easy to use. I’ve been roof­ing for 16 years and hat­ed tak­ing pic­tures. Now I love it.”

Daniel Simmons - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

My boss­es are hap­py with me cause it’s so easy for me to get them the pic­tures they want.

photo-of-tyler-kimes headshot

Tyler Kime - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Before every­one was tak­ing and stor­ing pho­tos their own way and not con­sis­tent. This helped us be more con­sis­tent and cen­tral­ized mak­ing it very easy to search, find, and share images.

Mark Tretter - Turning Point Restoration

I have three of my techs using the app now and myself. I can’t say enough about how it has saved our field techs and our office staff so much time com­pared to our old meth­ods. I’m extreme­ly hap­py with CompanyCam!”

photo-of-sean-drake headshot

Sean Drake - Arry's Roofing Services

With Com­pa­ny­Cam, we’re able to bring the cus­tomer on top of the roof”. We share a project link with the cus­tomer so they can see live updates of our progress and the cus­tomer does­n’t have to wor­ry about anything.”

photo-of-trevor-leeds headshot

Trevor Leeds - Chandler's Roofing

Com­pa­ny­Cam helps us get the right infor­ma­tion to the right per­son, fast! It’s an invalu­able com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool for our busi­ness.

photo-of-john-broce headshot

Jon Broce - Meredith Home Improvements

I lit­er­al­ly go home at least an hour ear­li­er than I used to because of Com­pa­ny­Cam and being able to get more done dur­ing the day. Com­pa­ny­Cam is so easy, my dad could use it!”

photo-of-aaron-neuroth headshot

Aaron Neuroth - Pella

It’s lia­bil­i­ty, it’s mar­ket­ing, it’s real­ly a lot of tools in a real­ly sim­ple program.”

photo-of-john-cotten headshot

John Cotten - John Cotten Roofing

I use this for my roof­ing com­pa­ny and it’s well worth the mon­ey! GAME CHANG­ER!

John Summers - Summers Quality Services

It was always a prob­lem get­ting our guys to send pic­tures back to the office. This app makes it very easy. Also every­one can see every pic­ture right from their phones.”

photo-of-vince-boulay headshot

Vince Boulay - Pella

Some­thing we strug­gle with is account­abil­i­ty. So when you’re in the field and you’re required to take pic­tures of your work, there’s going to be a lot of pride behind that and a lot of account­abil­i­ty behind that.”

Cody Kline - Jagg Premium Roof Systems

We love Com­pa­ny­Cam. It’s the best thing we’ve done for our busi­ness yet.

photo-of-mark-bartolome headshot

Mark Bartolome - BK Restoration

Com­pa­ny­Cam helps us solve prob­lems because we can inter­act with peo­ple in the field in real-time and track the progress of jobs through­out the day.”

Thomas Reynolds - Crawford Exteriors

It’s awe­some that if an insur­ance com­pa­ny asks me to send pho­tos for a sup­ple­ment, I can quick­ly search an address and find every­thing I need, even if it’s 6 months lat­er. I was tired of look­ing through 3,000 pho­tos on my phone.”

Shane Dodson - Bionic Emergency Services

Our techs say it saves them 30 min­utes to 1 hour per project han­dling pho­tos. We ran 1000+ calls last year and every job we eval­u­ate we set up a Com­pa­ny­Cam project and save assess­ment pho­tos. It’s a tool we can’t image not hav­ing as a resource now.

Rodney Finglass - ImproveIT Of Atlanta

We’ve had to take pic­tures of every­thing. We’ve gone from tra­di­tion­al cam­eras to drop­box to Com­pa­ny­Cam. The ease of use is tremen­dous. If you can use a cell phone, you can use Com­pa­ny­Cam.


Tony Patino - Abacus Plumbing

We are find­ing dif­fer­ent ways we can become more effi­cient. Com­pa­ny­Cam gives us bet­ter vis­i­bil­i­ty to the man­agers in the office. We are able to get instant access to our infor­ma­tion out in the field.”

photo-of-vince-boulay headshot

Vince Boulay - Pella

Hav­ing Com­pa­ny­Cam allows us a plat­form to say we did what was need­ed,” which helps us and all of our cus­tomers have some accountability.”

photo-of-aaron-neuroth headshot

Aaron Neuroth - Pella

I’ve seen sim­i­lar things, but noth­ing quite like CompanyCam.”

photo-of-wade-tutt headshot

Wade Tutt - Paramount Loss Consulting

We just did a $4.3mil claim where I copy and past­ed the time­line link on the back of my claims pack­age shared over 700 pho­tos to the car­ri­er in one click. Before Com­pa­ny­Cam I would have had to man­u­al­ly send a bunch of emails and attach 20 pho­tos per email.”

photo-of-mark-bartolome headshot

Mark Bartolome - BK Restoration

Puede super­vis­ar proyec­tos sin ten­er que estar allí todo el tiem­po, lo que nos lib­era de tiem­po para ten­er un may­or vol­u­men de proyec­tos. El tiem­po es dinero.”

photo-of-vince-boulay headshot

Vince Boulay - Pella

Com­pa­ny­Cam is more than just an app for us. It is our way for us to com­mu­ni­cate inter­nal­ly and exter­nal­ly. It is a visu­al piece that is going to be just as impor­tant for us from a com­mu­ni­ca­tion stand­point as email. So for us, it’s more than an app. It’s how we’re going to hold our peo­ple account­able, it’s how we’re going to show our pride, and ulti­mate­ly com­mu­ni­cate in a way that’s cut­ting edge and above and beyond what every­one in our field and indus­try are doing.”

photo-of-jeff-koepke headshot

Jeff Koepke - BK Restoration

Most of all it saves error because we can all com­mu­ni­cate with a pho­to. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is crys­tal clear.”

dan-and-jamie-grounds-guys headshot

Owners - Grounds Guys

We did a bid a year ago, just a basic mulch job, and the home­own­er decid­ed she’d wait a while longer. Well, this sea­son she called us up again and because we had all the pho­tos from the last time we went out there we were able to get her a quote with­out mak­ing a trip back to the prop­er­ty.”

Foreman - Grounds Guys

We save hours each week, just in com­mu­ni­cat­ing back and forth about jobs.”

photo-of-sherri-tafoya headshot

Sherri Tafoya - Custom Blinds & Design

One of my cus­tomers, Jill, could see her din­ing room shades get­ting installed from work — before she even got home — then sent the link to the pho­tos to her hus­band . It took her 30 sec­onds and she was blown away.” 

photo-of-marcus-ramer headshot

Marcus Ramer - Custom Blinds & Design

Before Com­pa­ny­Cam, a design­er would have to find us back at the gallery and ask us ques­tions then get back to the client the fol­low­ing day. With Com­pa­ny­Cam, we can solve prob­lems and answer ques­tions live, while they’re still at the clients house.

photo-of-aaron-neuroth headshot

Aaron Neuroth - Pella

Com­pa­ny­Cam just pro­tects you. Espe­cial­ly if you’re in the con­struc­tion busi­ness, you need to doc­u­ment and you need that transparency.”

photo-of-brian-gray headshot

Brian Gray - Grounds Guys

Com­pa­ny Cam is essen­tial. We are a very visu­al indus­try and we have to have it.

Selvin Lopez - Selvin's Landscaping

Use the app and I love it. Makes my life easy and improves com­mu­ni­ca­tion with my teams.

photo-of-sherri-tafoya headshot

Sherri Tafoya - Custom Blinds & Design

Com­pa­ny­Cam saves us at least one trip to the home per install which means the time, the gas, the pay­roll. All of that effi­cien­cy makes Com­pa­ny­Cam worth it.”

Bailey Peer - Peer Landscaping

I use it for my land­scap­ing com­pa­ny. Orga­ni­za­tion and clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion are very impor­tant to me, with this app it allows us to be extreme­ly on point. High­ly recommend!

Seth Hobbs - Adventures Outback

We use Com­pa­ny­Cam at Adven­tures Out­back and AO Ser­vices in Austin, TX. Makes our job WAY eas­i­er.

Jack Divine - Divine Concrete

Excel­lent app for cus­tomer account­abil­i­ty. My crew does­n’t love tech­nol­o­gy or being told they have to take pic­tures, but the ease of the app helped me roll this out! Thank you for help­ing us keep cus­tomers hon­est with pho­to documentation!

photo-of-troy-clymer headshot

Troy Clymer - Balance Claims

Life before Com­pa­ny­Cam sucked. As a con­trac­tor, the #1 app you should be spend­ing mon­ey on every month for all your project man­agers and sales teams that are out on sites is CompanyCam.

Eric McQuistton - ReLush LLC

Great app! I am a land­scape archi­tect and con­trac­tor, this helps me com­mu­ni­cate my design intent to the guys in the field.

Ryan Ziemba - Service Works Roofing

My com­pa­ny has been using this app for about 3 months now. I’ve been roof­ing for 15 years and hav­ing to take pic­tures and get pic­tures print­ed was a pain in the ass, but this is so much eas­i­er to use. Espe­cial­ly when you trav­el in the roof­ing indus­try love this app

photo-of-ryan headshot

Ryan - Amato Painting

Using Com­pa­ny­Cam, we can be assured our painters and clients know exact­ly what is going on.

photo-of-marcus-ramer headshot

Marcus Ramer - Custom Blinds & Design

Since we’re tak­ing pho­tos dur­ing the ini­tial mea­sure, I can go back in before the install and I know what I’m walk­ing into with­out hav­ing to call back to the office.

photo-of-sean-kennedy headshot

Sean Kennedy - Kennedy Painting

Fan­tas­tic pro­gram and great cus­tomer ser­vice. Com­pa­ny­Cam has great­ly improved the way our busi­ness shares project infor­ma­tion. High­ly recommend!

photo-of-kevin-nolan headshot

Kevin Nolan - Nolan Painting

Com­pa­ny­Cam has increased our pro­duc­tiv­i­ty dra­mat­i­cal­ly and we’ve eas­i­ly saved over $100,000.


Marilyn Murphy - Precision Plumbing

They are very use­ful, and with COVID-19 the inspec­tors aren’t going out to the hous­es, so we’re send­ing our [Com­pa­ny­Cam] pic­tures to the inspec­tors and they’re using them for inspec­tions — very helpful.


Marilyn Murphy - Precision Plumbing

Son muy útiles y, con COVID-19, los inspec­tores no van a las casas, por lo que envi­amos nues­tras fotografías de [Com­pa­ny­Cam] a los inspec­tores y las uti­lizan para las inspec­ciones, muy útiles.


Chris Manion - Extreme Roofing Solution LLC

My team and I absolute­ly love this app. My sales team can take a pic­ture while stand­ing on a roof and I can see it instant­ly on my desk­top in the office. We like that the pho­tos don’t stay on your phone, but go imme­di­ate­ly to the cloud. I high­ly rec­om­mend this to every contractor.”


Keith Sproles - Construction Concepts

Com­pa­ny Cam is one of the most impor­tant tools to have in your box. There are many great uses for this inex­pen­sive and indus­try-chang­ing app. One is to allow cus­tomers access to the punch list. The cus­tomer and the com­pa­ny man­age­ment can see the com­plet­ed work with­out ever hav­ing to walk the prop­er­ty again.”


Jesse Russow - Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors

This is hands down the best pho­to app on the mar­ket. It has saved our team hun­dreds of man-hours sort­ing, down­load­ing, trans­fer­ring, and/​or upload­ing pho­tos to our CRM. The best thing is their sup­port is sec­ond to none. You can call, text, email, or chat and they answer with­in a few moments.”


Matthew Eaton - Sunset Ridge Exteriors

I don’t know how we ever lived with­out it. As a pro­duc­tion man­ag­er, I live on this app. All my job pho­tos are orga­nized in one place. It allows me to give detailed instruc­tions to the crews on exact­ly what needs to be done. The more you use and learn about the app, the more use­ful it becomes!”


Trevor Leeds - Chandler's Roofing

Easy to use and under­stand. The abil­i­ty to cap­ture data in real-time, date-stamped, geo-tar­get­ed, and archived in the cloud for our office to instant­ly man­age, com­ment, & use for busi­ness deci­sions is price­less. The Com­pa­ny­Cam team is ded­i­cat­ed to being the best in-the-field data cap­ture plat­form. I high­ly rec­om­mend try­ing it… You won’t be dis­ap­point­ed!


Brent Rodes - Shencorp Inc.

Com­pa­ny­Cam is a very well-con­ceived aid to my busi­ness. Com­pa­ny­Cam pro­vid­ed a one source appli­ca­tion to bet­ter man­age our busi­ness, espe­cial­ly on the ser­vice side. By offer­ing the real-time abil­i­ty to see issues in the field, I am much more informed and able to assist in any deci­sion mak­ing. I rec­om­mend this appli­ca­tion to any com­pa­ny that wants a sim­ple and effec­tive means to bet­ter man­age their per­son­nel in the field.”


Jennifer Cole - Cherry Roofing

I am the office man­ag­er of a rapid­ly grow­ing roof­ing com­pa­ny and this app has changed my life! To have all of our pho­tos in one place AND be able to invite clients to see their job being done in real-time has been a com­plete game-chang­er! I can not rec­om­mend this app enough.”


Michael Osornio - TruLine Painting Inc.

One of my favorite apps to uti­lize when I meet up with poten­tial clients. Com­pa­ny­Cam is easy to use & take time-stamped notes. Com­pa­ny­Cam allows us over at @trulinepainting to keep track of the projects. Our Com­pa­ny­Cam dai­ly pho­to updates are a great way to keep every­one on the same page, as well as allow­ing the client access to the pho­tos we would like to share. Be About it!!”


Ron McIntosh - Absolute Connections

It is the best tool we use for pro­tect­ing our com­pa­ny from dam­age claims that we would have had to payed out. With Com­pa­ny­Cam, we have before and after pic­tures of our work that are easy to find and clear­ly show dam­ages that were there before our work start­ed. Very easy to use.”


Zachary Deal - DEALing With Pools, LLC

Ser­vice or con­struc­tion indus­try? Look no fur­ther! This is the app for you! Com­pa­ny­Cam has saved me count­less hours. And hours” trans­lates into $$$. Com­pa­ny­Cam makes your pho­to stor­age seam­less. There are sooo many uses for Com­pa­ny­Cam! As a bonus cus­tomer ser­vice is ABOVE and BEYOND!”

Testimonial Dusty Rieck headshot

Dusty Rieck - Sandhill Roofing LLC

La facil­i­dad de uso, el inter­cam­bio instan­tá­neo de fotos y las eti­que­tas hacen que nue­stro tra­ba­jo sea mucho más fácil de comu­nicar con los propi­etar­ios, la admin­is­tración de propiedades y el personal.”

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