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Impress Homeowners with Smart Technology


Smart technology can be used to impress homeowners because it improves marketing, communication, and the overall customer experience. 

It’s an experience homeowners don’t know exists for them! 

In the last decade, the word smart” has transitioned from how you describe someone to how you use technology in your everyday life. People are using smart technology on their phones, televisions, doorbells, vacuums, lighting, and even refrigerators.

When a new product or service enters the marketplace, people try to figure out how to implement it into your life. Every day, more and more homes are becoming smart.”

Smart technology is available to homeowners in their homes. But it’s also available to homeowners looking to remodel their homes, right now. Smart technology doesn’t just make the lives of homeowners easier, more convenient, and less stressful; it makes it fun and interactive!

So why wouldn’t you offer a smart” experience to homeowners as a value of working with your company?

Here are some tips on how you can impress homeowners with smart” technology:

  • Review your current workflow. Decide where you can implement technology that helps engage conversations inside the home. Is your current sales process interactive, memorable, and engaging?
  • Ask homeowners what type of technology they use inside their home. And be up-to-date on the latest technology so you’ll be on the same page as the homeowner.
  • Show them the technology you use in your business to help give them great customer experience. You will stand out from the competition, and they’ll be excited you are making their life easier. CompanyCam and Leap are obvious software applications worth showing off. But there are many more technology trends to demonstrate, such as drones, site sensors, or 
  • Hand them an iPad, let them search, and shop for products.
  • Show them photos of their home on a contract. Homeowners expect to see pricing, color options, and styles up front. You can even offer good, better, best pricing options or packages.

How can you be more transparent about how you use technology in your sales process?

1. Marketing

Maintain a professional image by adding your logo and customer’s correct information to contracts. Add photos of homes to estimates with exact specifications and measurements so homeowners feel confident they’re not getting ripped off.

2. Communication

Communicate project timelines upfront with photos and transparent pricing to ease those involved” homeowners’ minds. 

CompanyCam offers a feature that improves communication: the shareable project timeline link. The timeline link allows for transparent communication between you and your clients. Impress homeowners by keeping them in the loop throughout the whole project.

3. Customer Experience

Great customer experience provides value, ease of use, and an enjoyable experience from estimation to completion of a project. Involve the homeowner as much as possible in your sales process. 

Let customers know — prior to your meeting — that you use digital tools to help speed up the appointment. And that it’ll bring them the best price and experience possible.

Learn more about impressing homeowners with technology from industry technology leaders. Maybe even attend a networking event.

Danielle Basch is a contributor at Leap.

Leap recently integrated with CompanyCam. Your contracts and bids can be digital now — thanks to Leap! Say goodbye to the printer and fax machine when you’re estimating, financing, and invoicing. With the CompanyCam integration, you can add CoCam photos to proposals, contracts, and customer communication to make sure clients understand the scope of work before you start, as it’s being done, and long after it’s complete.

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