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Building Digital Partnerships


Growing digital brand partnerships is a huge asset to any business that’s trying to gain more customers or get its brand out to a larger audience.

Influencers, brand ambassadors, and other promoters all play a key role in helping you reach those goals. 

When seeking a new partnership, I refer back to this proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” 

Q: How can building a digital brand partnership work for both parties? 

A: Easy, set your goals at the forefront of what you want to accomplish in a digital campaign. This could be sign ups, impressions, likes, or clicks. 

Facebook has a really handy tool in Facebook Advertiser Access when putting your product on another brand’s page. You request access” to a brand’s page, which allows you access to create Ads on their page while allocating the budgets and sending your creative to the audiences you build within Facebook. 

You can read more about audience building on Facebook in our webinar about digital doorknocking here.

Q: How does this benefit your partner’s page you’re using to run ads? 

A: You ultimately want the audience to click on your ad, which will take them to a landing page. And you want to make it appealing so both parties benefit from the ad. 

Let’s say you’re running an ad on an HVAC influencer’s page where people go to find out about HVAC tips in the industry. You sell a product that helps HVAC industry workers, and you’re looking for new sign-ups to use your product. You create a co-branded landing page with information about your product and the influencer’s links — website, podcasts, socials, blogs, etc. 

You sponsor that post to your HVAC industry audiences you build on Facebook, reaching a whole new audience for you and your influencer. The influencer will see an uptick in clicks, sign-ups, impressions, likes, and follows. And all they had to do was accept” your advertiser request on Facebook. 

Another example: It’s like if one of your favorite bands was coming into town and you saw the band posted tickets for the show in your city and the venue posted tickets about the show. You would most likely click on the band’s post about tickets in your city because it feels more personal to you to buy the tickets from them. 

You ultimately reach the same goal, but you’re leveraging an influencer to help you achieve that goal. It creates a more personal look to the ad than just making the same one on your page.

This is just a fun, quick tip for using brand partnerships digitally to grow your brand and product. Growing your product using digital platforms is the fastest way to get your product out there. And thinking of savvy ways of using Facebook’s Advertiser Access platform is another tool to accomplish your goals. 

This blog was written by Jordan Smith. Jordan is famously known for writing Twinsmith’s hit record Twinsmith’s Greatest Hits.

Jordan spends his days dreaming up trade-targeted marketing campaigns, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and conducting endless tests on what performs best. When he clocks out, Jordan enjoys spending his time golfing, watching the sports teams he’s pledged his loyalty to disappoint him time and time again, and dabbling/​playing in some good old fashioned rock n’ roll shows. 

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