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CompanyCam's 2023 Year in Review!

Check out the whole picture of everything that happened this year with the help of users like you!

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1 Billion Photos

This year, we surpassed 1 billion photos taken in CompanyCam! And only about 10% of those are the inside of pockets.

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New Integrations

This year, 13 new integrations were connected, including highly requested ones with HubSpot, Contractor Foreman, and JobTread.

Fresh Features

This year, we added ultra-quality images and 4K video (up to 5 minutes) to the Pro tier. So get out there and start documenting your jobs with all your pixels.

Important Improvements

We updated functionality in the Checklist and Report features, making it easier than ever to capture exactly what you need and professionally present it to those who need to see it.

Real Artificial Intelligence 🤖

We're preparing to launch an AI tool to level up your worksite walkthroughs and more. Want early access?

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Signatures ✍️

Thousands of work orders, contracts, and invoices got the sign-offs they needed with the help of our e-signature tool.

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