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You were picture-perfect in 2023!

Check out the whole picture of what Gator Roofing and Restoration, LLC accomplished this year.

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Projects Created

You were busy—but not too busy to keep all that work organized.

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Photos Taken

You really put our unlimited
storage to the test.

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Videos Captured

Barbenheimer had nothing on the #content you captured.


Galleries Made

Sharing (job site photos) is caring.

Speaking of sharing, we're pretty excited to tell you about CompanyCam's highlights:
1 Billion Photos 🤳

This year, we surpassed 1 billion photos taken in CompanyCam! And only about 10% of those are the inside of pockets.

Integrations 🧩

This year, 13 new integrations were connected, including highly requested ones with HubSpot, Contractor Foreman, and JobTread.

Real Artificial Intelligence 🤖

We're preparing to launch an AI tool to level up your worksite walkthroughs and more. Want early access?

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Signatures ✍️

Thousands of work orders, contracts, and invoices got the sign-offs they needed with the help of our e-signature tool.

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In-App Payments 💳

A simple way to collect payments from your clients through CompanyCam is coming soon. Want a sneak peek?

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But enough about us and the really cool stuff we're working on.

This is all about you!