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2021 was a heck of a ride

Scroll to see some top hits of Comfort Solutions’s year with CompanyCam

cd player spinning disc gif


projects made

That's a whole lotta job documentation goin' down.


photos taken

Which equals fewer calls from office Brenda asking for status updates.
(No offense to the Brendas of CompanyCam.)


galleries created

Keeping clients in the know has never been so easy (or looked so good).


zip codes visited

It's probably time for an oil change, my friend.

Enough about you.

Here are some of our headlines


Luke haircuts

Not sure what was longer—his mullet or his growing list of HR violations (for legal reasons, this is a joke).


dollars raised

And subsequently, 20 meltdowns were had by Tullen—our head of finance. We're pumped to invest that money back into our product and customers (you!). And don't worry, Tullen made a full recovery.


Traeger smoker purchased for the office

We're allowed to have 0 smokers, FYI, but Brian is really hoping our landlord has a change of heart.


t-shirts given away

Gift-giving is our love language and nothing makes us happier than seeing you rock CoCam swag. Want your very own t-shirt, sweatshirt, or backpack?

Refer a friend and we'll hook you up.

Four features launched

Our product team wasn't messing around. (Psst—check out showcases, project collaboration, to-do lists, and mobile reports if you haven't already.)

80 Company Campers hired

Seeing new faces every week makes our hearts swell.

1 new office

Look good, feel good, work good—or something like that.

A ton of exciting milestones were met, and we couldn't have hit any of them without you.

Thanks for being here and cheers to 2022!