• CamJam activities will begin Tuesday, June 6th in the evening with a kick off happy hour. They will conclude with the closing party on Friday, June 9th in the evening.
  • If you would like to have two days in office working with your team before CamJam activities begin you can arrive as early as Sunday, June 4th.
  • All employees will be leaving by Saturday, June 10th.
  • If you would like an extended stay, this must be approved via your manager. Extended hotel stay and meal plans will come from your teams travel budget not CamJam’s. If this has been approved please reach out to Jared Stauffer
  • You can fly, take a ride on an Amtrak, or rent a car! Whatever makes the most sense.
  • Flights will be booked by you via Travel Perk.
  • If you choose to drive, you will be reimbursed for total mileage or up to the cost of a reasonable flight to and from CamJam.
  • We will organize pick up and drop off to the Airport. This will either be a coworker or shuttle service.
  • You will be staying at the Hyatt Place. Which will be booked for you by Haley Gonzales.

Log into Travel Perk.

You either have a login already or an invite in your email.

Go to your profile page and input all of your personal travel information and rewards numbers.

Hit up Jared Stauffer with any questions

Fly to Lincoln or Omaha.

If a roundtrip flight to Lincoln is $200 more than one to Omaha, we’ll opt for Omaha instead.

Choose a flight time that works best for you

For quicker airport pickup, coordinate flight times with your co-workers

Book your flight.

After inputting your airport and date information make sure you choose your name/profile in the “add first traveler” section, then search flights.

Select the flights that work best for you on the dates you plan to travel.

Choose the cheapest ticket option (economy, ect...)

  • Select your seat if applicable, but do not choose any seat upgrades unless approved.
  • choose the non-refundable ticket option if it asks

Hit “add flight to trip” button

You do not need to book a hotel room in TravelPerk, so hit “continue without stay”

Confirm your flight information and hit “continue”

Under "Pay With" select the “CamJam2023” credit card

Select the “CamJam2023” label

Hit “confirm payment” if everything looks correct.


Once the flight is officially booked you will receive a flight confirmation in your email.

If you don't receive confirmation within a few days let Jared Stauffer know.

Per Diems

Your per diem will be calculated based on which days you will be traveling and in Lincoln for CamJam. The per diem will be provided to you as a virtual card on Ramp, our new expense management system. Ramp was just rolled out company wide mid-May, so make sure you have accepted your invite.

The accounting team will add these virtual cards to your Ramp account on Wednesday, May 31st. You can either add the virtual card to your Apple Pay/Google Pay or submit reimbursement requests against it. **You must have your receipts to submit your expense or reimbursement.** The virtual cards will be set to expire on Friday, June 30th, which means you will need to have all CamJam reimbursement requests entered by then.

For more information on how to use ramp, visit the Expenses, Reimbursements, and Company Cards notion page in the Employee Handbook.