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Photo Documentation

Documentation is key to getting everyone on the same page.

As a business owner, salesman, installer, I’m always on the go, sometimes hitting four or five job sites per day — which makes communication even more crucial. We found that taking photos helped us with job bidding, talking with our crews, and handling customer disputes. Getting those photos organized created a huge headache. That’s why we needed CompanyCam. CompanyCam can’t help you find jobs or leads, but it will give you the best solution for documenting the service you provide. With better documentation, you’ll earn happy customers, quick turnaround on the job site, and gas money saved from not having to drive all over town.

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Vince Boulay - Pella

Something we struggle with is accountability. So when you’re in the field and you’re required to take pictures of your work, there’s going to be a lot of pride behind that and a lot of accountability behind that.”

Job site photos organized by location

We make it easy for you.

Photos taken in the CompanyCam app are automatically organized according to the job site location via GPS. 

You’ll have a clean and organized feed of photos, categorized by date and location.

Stacy Bull - Pella

Our technicians were sending job site photos to each other’s phones, my phone and various computers. We missed photos, we would lose them, it went to the wrong computer, people were calling and saying I sent it’ and it wasn’t there. It was a mess.”

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In-app conversation

Take fewer phone calls.

Forget the phone tag and lost texts. With in-app commenting and mentioning, you can be sure the right people will have the right information at their fingertips. Juggling several job sites, and multiple projects on the same site, is confusing to explain. 

Having a conversation on a photo of the site takes away all of the guesswork. 

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CompanyCam integrates with my CRM.

All of your business software can work together without disrupting with your existing workflows.

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Our entire company in sync. All of our jobs on track.

Not only do I save time from not driving to every job site throughout the day, but I also have permanent documentation of every job I’ve ever done. A couple of years down the road I’ll have those photos and homes to revisit for more business. I can even sell or share those projects with my buddy who owns another service company, allowing him to make an estimate right from his smartphone. 

But wait, there’s more

It’s more than just a photo app.

There are a truck load of forever free tools built into the app to help with operations, sales, and marketing. And there are more more groundbreaking tools being built everyday.

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