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Photograph everything.

Using CompanyCam to document your jobs is the smartest way to work. All the photos you take in the app are automatically stored in the cloud and shared across your entire company, allowing you to see what’s going on at any time.

    photo-of-john-broce headshot

    Jon Broce - Meredith Home Improvements

    I literally go home at least an hour earlier than I used to because of CompanyCam and being able to get more done during the day. CompanyCam is so easy, my dad could use it!”

    Dale German - D2 Contractors

    We are definitely taking more photos now… for one because we have more people able to do it and have it all in the same place and it’s just more convenient.


    Lauren Carton - American Home Contractors, Inc.

    I’m really liking having access to the photos in real time as opposed to my techs uploading into Google Drive.”


    Chris Langford - Storm Doctors

    It is very helpful getting pictures..with ORGANIZATION back to the home office. It’s a 10 on a 1 to 5 scale.”

    photo-of-wade-tutt headshot

    Wade Tutt - Paramount Loss Consulting

    We just did a $4.3mil claim where I copy and pasted the timeline link on the back of my claims package shared over 700 photos to the carrier in one click. Before CompanyCam I would have had to manually send a bunch of emails and attach 20 photos per email.”


    Stay in the know, no matter what. 

    In CompanyCam, you have the ability to markup and comment on photos — making it easier than ever to give clear direction and communicate with your crews. All the comments and annotations stay with that photo, giving you instant context for problem solving.

    Testimonial Dusty Rieck headshot

    Loren Caudill - Sandhill Roofing

    La facilidad de uso, el intercambio instantáneo de fotos y las etiquetas hacen que nuestro trabajo sea mucho más fácil de comunicar con los propietarios, la administración de propiedades y el personal.”

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    Avoid customer disputes.

    Never lose another photo. When dealing with insurance jobs or particular customers, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to hunt down photos for proof of pre-existing damage. In CompanyCam, all your photos are date and time stamped, ensuring that all your photo evidence is saved securely.

    Jonathan Mussari - Artistic Tree & Landscape Creations

    CompanyCam pays for itself in just a couple incidents where a customer says, No, I don’t want to pay for that’ and it’s a thousand dollars. The app just paid for itself three times over. It’s a no brainer!”

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