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If you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time organizing job site photos and monitoring production. My whole reason for creating CompanyCam was to see the full scope of my work in one app from start to finish. We know when our crews arrive to start with time-stamped photos, we can keep up on our installations with progress pictures throughout the day, and see where we are with the job at the end of each day!

This Is Why I Created CompanyCam.

CompanyCam is a convenient, efficient, and simple way to share customer information across your business.

Imagine the feeling of opening up a project and truly knowing how production is coming along without driving from site to site. 

How would you like to get excited about communicating with each customer, instead of being confused, lost, and unclear on the progress of the project? 

photo-of-andrea-mueller headshot

Andrea Mueller - Terrytown Plumbing & Heating

This is the coolest flipping thing since sliced bread. My guys are constantly emailing/​texting me pictures. Then I have to print them, save them etc. It’s always been a royal pain. This is so great that all of them go to one place.

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What’s Included In Your CompanyCam Account?

🗂 A Deep Dive

An automatically organized photo timeline of each project supplemented with your team’s notes, comments, and drawings.

📍 Guide Projects to Completion

With an in-depth scope of each job, you strengthen your understanding of every task, your crew’s progress, and your customer’s satisfaction.

📈 Informational & Clean Reports

With a few simple clicks, build professional reports, job progress timelines for clients, and galleries of selected photos to share.

Organizing Just Got Easier.

It’s just about you understanding every angle of a job, and how powerful a few extra hours a week can be in helping you manage your business.

If you have ever felt lost when following up on a job, not really having a clear understanding of what to do when you begin to look through photos, you’ll be amazed how powerful using CompanyCam is in helping you through your process.


If you are looking to see every angle from the office or have an administrator collecting and organizing photos, CompanyCam is the perfect tool for monitoring your job progress. 

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You’re Not Alone.

I remember being lost and doubting my process, getting to the point where I wasn’t sure of the best way to document at all. Even though this was one of the most tedious tasks of my routine, I had to have good documentation to cover our business from disputes.

This search for the perfect tool led me to build CompanyCam with a few reliable engineers in the Fall of 2014, many days used to perfect the documenting process for my family’s roofing company for 12 hours a day. 

Through my time, I came into a simple, dynamic, photo organizing tool and began to understand how important job site documentation really is and what it means to use information from photos to grow my business.

What People Are Saying.

How It Works.

📸 Snap, Store, Sync, Share

Take photos, without worrying about storage space, that are uploaded to the app and across your organization instantly with no extra effort.

📲 Keeps You On Track

At the beginning of each job, your crews will document a full rundown of photos so you can make sure you’re on target and to make it easy to follow.

⏰ Fits In Your Busy Schedule

Some weeks can be crazy, CompanyCam was made for crazy schedules. During the week your crews can snap a few pictures, draw on photos to point out important details, and answer questions to help you understand the job’s progress in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our product.

◦ Can I use CompanyCam offline?

Yes, you can create projects and take photos while offline.

◦ Need help with your account?

Chat Support is available directly in your CompanyCam app!

◦ How much does CompanyCam cost?

Wondering what the price is? We like things simple, so our pricing is simple. Check it out here.

◦ Will CompanyCam eat up my cellular data plan?

Nope! We compress photos to about a 10 times smaller file size than the average iPhone photo.

◦ Will CompanyCam use a lot of storage on my phone?

It will not. CompanyCam saves all of your company’s photos in the cloud so that they don’t take up space on your device.

◦ Do I need to sign a contract?

Nope, no contracts. If you love CompanyCam then we hope you’ll keep using it, but if not, you can quit at any time.

◦ How long do you keep my photos?

As long as you’re a CompanyCam customer we will never delete any of your photos. See more frequently asked questions here.

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