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CompanyCam captures who, when and where a photo was taken, automatically sorts each photo by GPS location, and instantly syncs them from the field to the office.

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Automatic Organization

Let us do the grunt work.

Before you even snap a smart photo, we use GPS to determine where the photo should be placed. No more wondering if the photos your guys are taking are actually getting into the right folder.

Project Feed

See progress as it happens.

The Project Feed is a dynamic listing of every job your company is working on, complete with thumbnails of the latest photos taken in CompanyCam. Get updated in real-time and keep everyone in the loop on the progress at each job site.

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Comment and Mention Others

Never miss a beat.

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Commenting on photos allows you to have conversations directly within the context of the matter at hand. Forget about attaching photos to long-winded emails or confusing text message threads — now the entire conversation can be had in one place with all the information easily accessible.

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Mentioning other users in photos is a great way to spark immediate conversation, get a question answered, or clear up confusion. When mentioned, you’ll receive a notification that will take you directly to the photo and the comment, facilitating quick problem solving and idea sharing.

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Voice Notes

Adding voice notes to photos is a quick and easy way to get all your thoughts down. When we introduced voice notes, we were thinking of all the times we’ve been up on a roof and just needed to dictate what it was that we were seeing, what needed to be done, and other extraneous details.

Tag Photos

Cut through the clutter.

Even with comments and annotations, sometimes there’s more to the story. Tags add extra information so you can categorize photos. Tagging makes it easier to search for photos later on.

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Unlimited Cloud Storage

Never run out of storage on your phone.

Phone storage is a hot commodity, and we wouldn’t want you wasting it on work photos. That’s why CompanyCam comes with unlimited storage of photos in the cloud, keeping your work and personal photos separate and freeing up storage on your phone.

Shareable Project Timelines

Let your clients in on your progress.

A shareable Project Timeline allows you to send a link that shows photos taken during a project, organized by when they were taken. New photos will continue to update on the timeline, so you only have to share it once! We’ve made it easy for you to keep the right people updated on any project, even if they don’t have CompanyCam.

Dead-Simple Setup

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