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CompanyCam was created by contractors for contractors. We know the headache that comes with phone call after phone call trying to nail down plans and keep everyone on the same page. It’s frustrating and time consuming and if we don’t have time for it, neither do you.

That’s why we created CompanyCam. You and your team can take unlimited photos—all of which are location and time stamped, sent to the cloud, and stored securely—meaning you can access any project, anytime, anywhere.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but with CompanyCam you can see every photo your team takes the instant it’s taken. Whether you’re in the office, in your truck, or on the toilet—you can know exactly what’s getting done across your company.

Founding Story


In the fall of 2014, before Luke Hansen was the CEO of CompanyCam, he was managing workers at White Castle Roofing, his family’s business. He needed photos from multiple job sites and multiple workers and was getting frustrated with the lack of organizational tools available.

After searching for months and finding nothing, Luke decided to take matters into his own hands and create what he needed himself. He recruited some developers to help him build the software that would organize photos by location and time and connect them to the entire staff.

After testing the software out at White Castle Roofing and seeing great results, Luke knew that there had to be other companies and contractors who needed this tool, too.

CompanyCam was the real deal—a photo solution for contractors that creates a fully organized photo feed for their business.

“Everyone is carrying around a GPS computer in their pocket. Everyone is capable of taking photos,” Hansen said. “I just wanted to make something that would make my job easier. With siding guys, roofing guys, and gutter guys spread all over town there was a slim chance of staying connected via phone calls. To document the work with CompanyCam and sync it to the office, in real-time, is invaluable.”

As buzz around CompanyCam grew, Luke began thinking more seriously about how to get this product out to those who would benefit the most.

“I didn’t know anything about software, apps, how to design or make them, but in my mind, I just knew this was useful and people would use it if we made it the way we wanted it.”

Shortly after starting CompanyCam, Luke attended the Omaha Start-Up Weekend. It was there that he met Chad Wilken, who would become CompanyCam’s CTO.

“I met Chad and we just hit it off,” Hansen said. “We hired him that month to begin developing the software.”

After bringing on Chad, CompanyCam continued to grow and is now used on thousands of project sites and stores over 7M photos in the cloud. While CompanyCam has grown, the core mission is still the same–provide contractors with a better way to work.

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