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Big Things Are Happening

No matter how your crew uses CompanyCam, these updates to the app are built to save you even more time. Hear from our CEO Luke about all the new features we’re rolling out. 


Build reports on the go.

Our new and improved reports feature was designed to give you more flexibility and make reports faster. 

Meet the new reports.

  • Create reports in the mobile app
  • Add sections and summaries
  • Bulk rearrange photos

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Share projects in a snap. 

Project collaboration lets you easily share projects with 1099 employees, subcontractors, or crews at other companies without giving them access to every project in your account.

  • Communicate with every contractor on the job site
  • Control collaborators’ permissions
  • Send invites via text or email
  • Keep all the content after you end the collaboration

Coming Soon To Beta

Organize your jobs with to-do lists.

It’s our most-requested feature, and we’re excited to roll it out! To-do lists (for tasks, QA, and whatever else you can dream up) are coming soon to a beta near you.

With to-do lists, you can:

  • Create punch lists, task lists, and inspection lists
  • Build unlimited to-do lists per project
  • Take photos to prove tasks are completed

You’ll get an email from us confirming that you’re on the list.


Capture more details in the field.

Video works just like it always has — but now you can record for longer. 

Coming Soon To Beta

Showcase your work.

The best way to market your business is to help your customers understand the value of your work. This feature makes publishing your projects to your website painless.

  • Easily share selected projects on your site
  • Show a job’s entire timeline
  • Build trust with potential customers

You’ll get an email from us confirming that you’re on the list.

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