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Your Landscaping jobs are important. So let’s keep them organized.

See progress on every project without having to be on the phone or in the truck constantly.

CompanyCam 100% had us in mind when they made this app.”

Jonathan Mussari - Artistic Tree & Landscape Creations

CompanyCam pays for itself in just a couple incidents where a customer says, No, I don’t want to pay for that’ and it’s a thousand dollars. The app just paid for itself three times over. It’s a no brainer!”

dan-and-jamie-grounds-guys headshot

Owners - Grounds Guys

We did a bid a year ago, just a basic mulch job, and the homeowner decided she’d wait a while longer. Well, this season she called us up again and because we had all the photos from the last time we went out there we were able to get her a quote without making a trip back to the property.”

Foreman - Grounds Guys

We save hours each week, just in communicating back and forth about jobs.”

photo-of-brian-gray headshot

Brian Gray - Grounds Guys

Company Cam is essential. We are a very visual industry and we have to have it.

Selvin Lopez - Selvin's Landscaping

Use the app and I love it. Makes my life easy and improves communication with my teams.

Bailey Peer - Peer Landscaping

I use it for my landscaping company. Organization and clear communication are very important to me, with this app it allows us to be extremely on point. Highly recommend!

Seth Hobbs - Adventures Outback

We use CompanyCam at Adventures Outback and AO Services in Austin, TX. Makes our job WAY easier.

Jack Divine - Divine Concrete

Excellent app for customer accountability. My crew doesn’t love technology or being told they have to take pictures, but the ease of the app helped me roll this out! Thank you for helping us keep customers honest with photo documentation!

Eric McQuistton - ReLush LLC

Great app! I am a landscape architect and contractor, this helps me communicate my design intent to the guys in the field.

Time-stamped photos

Having that proof has saved us from many customer disputes.”

  • Avoid customer disputes with time-stamped, GPS location photos.
  • In-app commenting, mentioning, and voice notes allow you and your team to communicate directly within the context of the problem.
  • No more messy text or email strings, no more phone tag, and a lot less driving back and forth between jobs.
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Let’s save you time

Tags! Tags are huge.”

  • Don’t spend countless hours sorting through photos.
  • Easily upload photos to your estimating software.
  • Get paid quicker.

    Read more about our tags feature and watch the demo below how it works below.


Draw, markup, and label

We tried other services. Emailing was a pain. Photos wouldn’t attach. The guys never knew what to do.” 

With project labels and conversations you can, at a glance, see the status of a project, catch up on progress, and get all the important information without hunting.

  • Add labels to projects to denote status.
  • Have conversations at the project level to inform every crew member of any important information.

Everything you need from each job site. None of the clutter.

Let’s get organized.

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