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Never miss a thing 
with to-do lists.

Sick of driving back to job sites because someone missed an important step? Use to-do lists to make sure nothing falls through the cracks (figuratively or literally).

Standardize your process.

Make it easy for your crews to follow company procedures and protocols. Whether you need it for adjusters, agencies, or your own peace of mind, having a list of everything that needs to happen on the job guarantees quality every time.

Train your team faster.

Don’t let turnover be a time suck. To-do lists can take the pain out of training your crew by giving them a baked-in checklist of all the necessary steps for every job. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure quality from afar by requiring photos for task completion.

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Create templates for your most important lists.

Maximum efficiency, activated. Create templates that save all the important details — like tasks, sections, notes, and settings— from your to-do lists.

See progress at a glance.

Even if you have multiple to-do lists per project, you can see the overall progress of each list on the project screen. Way faster than driving out to the job site. (Plus, you’ll save on gas.)

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