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What happened?

Record-breaking precipitation = insane flooding

Historic flooding in Nebraska and nearby states.

There’s been a state of emergency from the northern plains to the Midwest. Nebraska and its neighboring states have experienced devastating effects of flooding, from lost livestock and crops, to completely destroyed homes and at least four deaths. 

Help us make a difference

What are we doing to help?

Since CompanyCam calls Nebraska home, we would be remiss not to roll up our sleeves (and pant legs) to join in and help. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can get involved by giving and donating — see below.

In addition, we’re giving all contractors helping to rebuild and restore flooded homes (and those affected by the flood) CompanyCam for FREE for six months. 

The importance of documentation

What else?

As the flooding in Nebraska recedes, homes and properties will dry out… sort of. Tons of homes will need to be completely rebuilt and others seriously restored. When this continues, the process will have to be documented from start to finish. Recovery from a disaster of this magnitude will take several months to come back from — and there are tons of risks down the road like mold or compromised foundational integrity. 

CompanyCam is a tool built solely around documentation, which is why we’re giving our platform away for free for six months with no pressure of continued use after the fact. 

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