Product Features

Any device. Any time. Anywhere.

Team Sync

Every photo is automatically synced & available instantly

You can’t be everywhere at once, but with CompanyCam you can see every photo your company takes the instant it’s taken. Whether you’re in the office, in your truck, or even on the toilet — you can know exactly what’s getting done across your company.

Comments & Tags

Talk things out and get organized

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it helps to add a few more. We’ve made it easy to further organize your photos by simply adding tags. You can also ask and answer questions right on the photo.

Drawing & Annotation

Draw on photos and add measurements

Draw lines, arrows, circles, and even add measurements to them. You won’t need to carry a notepad anymore. You can do all your doodling directly on the photo with CompanyCam.

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Augmented Reality

The future is now…and it’s awesome

With CompanyCam’s augmented reality feature you can quickly take measurements, find perimeter, area, measure pitch, and even place virtual objects! This thing makes estimates and quick measurements a breeze, and it makes you look like a tech wizard when you use it.

Photo Reports

Simple photo reports at your beck and call

No more fiddling with Microsoft Word! With the push of a single button, quickly build photo reports that you can share with a simple link. We designed them to look good on the computer and on a phone.

Project Timeline

Shareable Project Timelines

We want to make it easy for you to keep the right people updated on any project. A ‘Project Timeline’ allows you to share a simple link that shows every photo taken on the project, organized by the day it was taken. New photos will continue to update on the timeline, so you only have to share it once!

Before & After

Let your work speak for itself

The Before and After Camera uses cutting edge camera technology to align before and after photos and automatically format them. Now you can quickly create and share awesome transformation photos on your Facebook, Instagram, or with clients directly.

Infinite Storage

Unlimited photo storage in our warehouse

Our photo warehouse is YUGE, so you can take and store as many photos as you want with CompanyCam. We never want you to not take a photo because you’re worried about storage.

Tech Support

Super Dedicated Support

Even though we’ve built a tool that is super easy to use and intuitive, we know that even the best of us get stuck from time to time.

Heck, sometimes it’s even our fault. If that’s the case, we’re available with live, dedicated support to help with even the slipperiest of all issues.

Photo Printing

Finally, easy photo printing

Print one or two photos per page with the option to include other relevant information, like who took the photo, where it was taken, and when it was taken. We made printing the no-brainer it always should have been.

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