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Wednesday, NOVEMBER 30, 11AM CST / 12PM EST

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The Swiss Army Knife Leader

How a Do-It-All Mindset Creates a DIY Death Trap

You have a unique ability to handle so many things within your business — it’s why you’re a leader.

But is being a jack of all trades keeping you too busy to take the next steps to level up? 

On November 30 at 11 am CST/12 pm EST, Brandon Vaughn, Founder and Chief Strategist of Conquer, will sit down with CompanyCam’s Michael Gogan to talk about how your ability to be good at everything may keep your business from solving anything.

Vaughn brings a unique background of business experience. From purchasing businesses to pushing through growth phases and finally to selling companies, he’s seen it all. His valuable perspective has led him to share how business owners and managers can stay away from the DIY Death Trap. 

Vaughn and Gogan will discuss:

  • What is the DIY Death Trap and how to escape the trap if you’re already caught

  • How to differentiate yourself and your business from your competitors when you’re faced with trying economic conditions

  • How to maximize any stage of business, from the early foundation-building stage to the top-of-the-mountain stage

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