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Take unlimited pictures and find them real easy”

Mick Keller, Auckland, New Zealand

Mick’s deck pics

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Adding context

Draw and write measurements directly on photos.

You can’t expect every photo to be a ripper. Add more context with drawings and measurements.

    Snap Edit Huge Deck

    Keep work separate

    Take and store unlimited photos.

    Keep your camera roll from bein’ chockers full of work photos. Save unlimited photos separate from your camera roll, organized by job site location.

    No more busy work

    Automatically save date, time and location.

    Keep everything fair dinkum by adding date, time, and location saved to each photo.

    Adding Context Huge Deck
    But that’s not all

    Run your business like Mick

    CompanyCam provides peace of mind for business owners with seamless photo updates.

    With Companycam

    Keepin’ track of my deck pics is easy as pie.”

    Quit messing with text threads, emails, and phone calls. All your job site communication lives in CompanyCam and is easy to find and stay on top of.

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    All your deck pics, taken and stored in one place.

    (or whatever you take pictures of at work)

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