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Sick of iMes­sage? Nei­ther were we but we built this anyway.

Your phone already has a built-in cam­era app, so we thought why not build anoth­er one and charge every user $19 per month?”

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Who is Com­pa­ny­Cam for?

Every­one’s job gets eas­i­er with CompanyCam.

  • Owners/​Presidents gain clar­i­ty into what’s hap­pen­ing day to day.
  • Office/​Admin spend less time hunt­ing down pho­tos from fore­men and crew members.
  • Project Man­agers can stay on top of job site progress of as many projects as they’re jug­gling simultaneously.
  • Sales can cap­ture all nit­ty grit­ty details so they can effec­tive­ly bid work and hand off to the crews.
  • Crew Mem­bers can spend less time upload­ing pho­tos at the end of each day.

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Com­pa­ny­Cam makes your exist­ing tools more powerful.

Image of Zach Clarke

I used to make hun­dreds of phone calls every day just to keep up to speed with the progress of our jobs. Now I’ve cut that in half and know twice as much!”

Zach Clarke

Logistics Manager, White Castle Roofing

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