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I Tried CompanyCam, Here’s Why It’s a Necessity For My Business.

Highest rated photo app

After realizing there had to be a better way to collect and organize job site documentation, I spent countless hours scouring the web for some sort of tool that could offer photo storage and ease of use when taking photos. I found my exact match with CompanyCam.

First, I tried a few other apps — ones that could be accessed on my desktop in the office or on my phone at the job. I started several free trial periods with a handful of roofing and field service apps. Most of these apps had a limited time free trial period, which left me with no time to really integrate the product into my daily routine. More importantly, there was always something wrong — the apps I found weren’t designed to be very user-friendly and they didn’t make much a difference for me. With these apps, it was easier to fall back on my old routine for taking photos of the jobs my crews worked on. Right after those trials ended, I deleted those apps right off of my phone.

I had to dig deeper into the world of contractor and construction apps, and that’s when I found CompanyCam. 

After a quick download and sign-up, I found it incredibly easy to navigate through the app. They gave me 30 days free to really try out the product and I got a personal phone call right before my trial ended from Kelly, who prioritized checking-in with me to make sure I was getting the most out of their tool. CompanyCam delivers on a ton of levels: it’s the most affordable app I tried, the easiest to use, and I had just the right amount of support from their team to get my guys in there so they can send photos from the field back to my office. I stopped driving all over town. CompanyCam saved me at least an hour of time each day. I was able to get back to running my business instead of running around to collect and catalog photos for reports. Here’s the most important thing: I have a bank of information on every job and every customer I’ve ever worked with. Let’s just say independent adjusters and supplementers love working with us. From day one, I was impressed with how easy it was to use CompanyCam’s GPS to set up my project, snap a photo before we got on the roof (we wanted to assess the damage that existed prior to our work, of course), and tag my guys in comments so they could get my direction without wasting time on a phone call.

Creating reports in CompanyCam might be the best feature that helps our business. It’s easy for me to jump on my desktop computer, select a few photos that build into a report, and share a link with insurance, customers — whoever I want. For damage disputes with customers and even bidding on jobs, this app has saved and made me tons of money.

I’m never going back to another photo app for work.

How Does CompanyCam Help? 

You might be thinking your method of taking photos on the job is flawless, and it very well may be. CompanyCam comes into play for me because it’s the easiest way. Why wouldn’t you want something simple and efficient for documentation? I can get a notification from one of my guys, see the problem, and address it with a comment in less than a minute. I know where my guy is, what the problem is, and when the problem happened instantly. Before CompanyCam we used digital cameras, flash drives, Dropbox, and Google Photos for documenting, but this took hours. It was a full-time job just to upload and organize those photos. We don’t have that issue today.

My business’s Facebook page has a lot more reviews on it, and therefore my company has a lot more referral business, because of one specific CompanyCam feature. You can create a photo timeline to share with customers that instantly updates for them with the job site progress. I had a customer who went on vacation half-way across the country and all I did was share a link via text message with her. This way, I was able to keep her in the loop and address all of her questions whenever they arose. She left me a great review and mentioned CompanyCam’s timeline. She even referred her neighbor across the street by sending them that same timeline link I sent her. 

The documentation aspect of the app might have been the start of what piqued my interest, but there are so many features I find useful in CompanyCam. Our small marketing team and sales guys (if they want to) can jump into CompanyCam, take two photos from a job, and create a templated before and after photo. They share these out on our Facebook page and show to potential customers when they go knocking on doors. It’s a great way for us to show off the work our crews do with very little effort.

How Much Does CompanyCam Cost?

One problem I had with my phone before CompanyCam was that I was losing storage space to work photos. Pictures of my kids would be right next to pictures of cracked driveways and it wasn’t really great for me. CompanyCam is $12 per user per month and I’m happy to report that I’ve had the app for a few months now, and the price is definitely not a problem. In comparison to products like Acculynx, Procore, and Eagle View, CompanyCam is much more suitable for my team as I only really wanted the best photo app for the lowest price.

It’s been a great change for my business. I’d pay a lot more if I had to for the ease of use and automatic organization this app provides. I don’t worry about whether things are getting done at each job because I can see it all happen from anywhere. We have a great system for the types of photos I have my guys take. If you get your crews in the app and get them taking photos, you’ll see the value CompanyCam provides very quickly. If you work in the roofing and restoration as I do, this app is a no-brainer for you if you intend to grow your business and get more leads.

What Happens If I Don’t Like It?

The biggest sell for me was the trial period and I’ve referred countless roofers since starting with CompanyCam. CompanyCam is unique in that it offers its users the chance to try out the app for 14 days, or longer if you need the time. We used CompanyCam for 3 weeks until it became a necessity for us. That’s a full month to get acclimated and make sure it’s perfect. There’s no better deal out there.

If you can’t find a place for CompanyCam in your business, just walk away. They won’t hassle you to stay with them. My brother-in-law is a handyman that works alone. He didn’t see much value in the app, and that’s perfectly fine. For me, having salesmen all over the state, and crews across the city, I need CompanyCam to stay on top of things. 

If for some reason something is wrong with your account, CompanyCam will be there for 247 support to help you out and there’s a ton of training online for learning how it works. They won’t even ask you for credit card information until you’re ready to throw it at them. That kind of guarantee can only happen when a company truly believes in its product.

I was incredibly skeptical at first. I thought the old way of documenting my jobs was the best. After taking photos in CompanyCam, I’m now a believer in it. too, along with thousands of contractors around the world. If the competitors in your market find out about this before you do, you might be in some trouble. 

Drew Smith headshot

Drew Smith - Brad Smith Roofing

CompanyCam has definitely helped our communication, without a doubt. Everything in this business is urgent; it’s about how fast you can put your eyeballs on a situation and come up with a solution.”

Andrea Mueller headshot

Andrea Mueller - Terrytown Plumbing & Heating

This is the coolest flipping thing since sliced bread. My guys are constantly emailing/​texting me pictures. Then I have to print them, save them etc. It’s always been a royal pain. This is so great that all of them go to one place.

Jonathan Mussari - Artistic Tree & Landscape Creations

CompanyCam pays for itself in just a couple incidents where a customer says, No, I don’t want to pay for that’ and it’s a thousand dollars. The app just paid for itself three times over. It’s a no brainer!”

Zach Clarke headshot

Zach Clarke - White Castle Roofing

I used to make hundreds of phone calls every day just to keep up to speed with the progress of our jobs. Now I’ve cut that in half and know twice as much!”


Dusty Rieck - Eagle 1st Roofing

CompanyCam saves me about an hour on each estimate. It even helped us get a siding job because we were able to draw on the photos and show the insurance adjusters exactly where the hail stones hit the house!”

Stacy Bull - Pella

Our technicians were sending job site photos to each other’s phones, my phone and various computers. We missed photos, we would lose them, it went to the wrong computer, people were calling and saying I sent it’ and it wasn’t there. It was a mess.”

Matt Erickson - C.J. Erickson Plumbing

CompanyCam solves the need to store the photos. That was our initial thing: where to store the photos? We were having so much trouble with storage space with iCloud and all these different things. Now, no one has to worry about storage — they can just take photos!

Dale German - D2 Contractors

We are definitely taking more photos now… for one because we have more people able to do it and have it all in the same place and it’s just more convenient.

Brandt Edwards - Fencing Solutions and Construction

CompanyCam is saving me money in the first two weeks of using it, and I’m saving a ridiculous amount of paper!”

Paul Martin - Tarrant Roofing

I absolutely love this app. It is awesome.”

Dennis Vranich - Western Heating & Air Conditioning

CompanyCam makes it so simple to collaborate.


Lauren Carton - American Home Contractors, Inc.

I’m really liking having access to the photos in real time as opposed to my techs uploading into Google Drive.”


Josh Herbst - Alden Roofing

We’re pumped. CompanyCam is simple to use and it’s saving us money.

Richie Harvey - Recover Green Roofs

Now that I’m using CompanyCam, I don’t have to rely on Dropbox to store my photos. CompanyCam takes care of everything instantly and stores every photo in the cloud— not on my phone!”

Kevin Kraft - Ozzie Kraft

At the risk of sounding unprofessional, I think I love you man! CompanyCam is everything I would want if I could design it myself!

Tyler Kimes headshot

Tyler Kime - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

What I like is that as the GM I can see what my team is looking at in the field. It helps to have a second set of eyes on projects because items do get missed. It also can be used as quality control from your desk!”

Kris Barnes - Premier Ductless Inc.

This program is amazing…I mean the thing is everyone has a cell phone and can be taking pictures but there’s no real easy to get them. Being able to have this hub…well it’s pretty incredible!”


Thomas Shores - 214 Roofing

Man I love it. It’s real easy to use and very intuitive. Set me free to do what I need to help my company prosper. Thanks for the great app. Changed my life, seriously!”

Mikeheadshot headshot

Mike Hansen - White Castle Roofing

Any time everybody is on the same page, you’re going to grow your business. CompanyCam makes that way easier for us in every respect.”


Chris Langford - Storm Doctors

It is very helpful getting pictures..with ORGANIZATION back to the home office. It’s a 10 on a 1 to 5 scale.”


Dalton Capley - Conditioned Air Solutions

We love this, its exactly what we needed. Trying to teach people how to upload to Dropbox, and having to have them know how to create a new folder is incredibly hard for them, this is by far easier for them and us in the office. Thank you guys a lot!”

Loren Caudill - Rich Rayburn Roofing

I’m not a picture guy but this app is sick and so easy to use. I’ve been roofing for 16 years and hated taking pictures. Now I love it.”

Daniel Simmons - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

My bosses are happy with me cause it’s so easy for me to get them the pictures they want.

Tyler Kime Headshot headshot

Tyler Kime - Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Before everyone was taking and storing photos their own way and not consistent. This helped us be more consistent and centralized making it very easy to search, find, and share images.

Mark Tretter - Turning Point Restoration

I have three of my techs using the app now and myself. I can’t say enough about how it has saved our field techs and our office staff so much time compared to our old methods. I’m extremely happy with CompanyCam!”

Sean Drake Headshot headshot

Sean Drake - Arry's Roofing Services

With CompanyCam, we’re able to bring the customer on top of the roof”. We share a project link with the customer so they can see live updates of our progress and the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

Trevor Leeds Headshot headshot

Trevor Leeds - Chandler's Roofing

CompanyCam helps us get the right information to the right person, fast! It’s an invaluable communication tool for our business.

Jon Broce Crop headshot

Jon Broce - Meredith Home Improvements

I literally go home at least an hour earlier than I used to because of CompanyCam and being able to get more done during the day. CompanyCam is so easy, my dad could use it!”

John Cotten headshot

John Cotten - John Cotten Roofing

I use this for my roofing company and it’s well worth the money! GAME CHANGER!

John Summers - Summers Quality Services

It was always a problem getting our guys to send pictures back to the office. This app makes it very easy. Also everyone can see every picture right from their phones.”

Cody Kline - Jagg Premium Roof Systems

We love CompanyCam. It’s the best thing we’ve done for our business yet.

Thomas Reynolds - Crawford Exteriors

It’s awesome that if an insurance company asks me to send photos for a supplement, I can quickly search an address and find everything I need, even if it’s 6 months later. I was tired of looking through 3,000 photos on my phone.”

Shane Dodson - Bionic Emergency Services

Our techs say it saves them 30 minutes to 1 hour per project handling photos. We ran 1000+ calls last year and every job we evaluate we set up a CompanyCam project and save assessment photos. It’s a tool we can’t image not having as a resource now.

Rodney Finglass - ImpoveIT Of Atlanta

We’ve had to take pictures of everything. We’ve gone from traditional cameras to dropbox to CompanyCam. The ease of use is tremendous. If you can use a cell phone, you can use CompanyCam.

Tony Patino - Abacus Plumbing

We are finding different ways we can become more efficient. CompanyCam gives us better visibility to the managers in the office. We are able to get instant access to our information out in the field.”

Vince headshot

Vince Boulay - Pella

Something we struggle with is accountability. So when you’re in the field and you’re required to take pictures of your work, there’s going to be a lot of pride behind that and a lot of accountability behind that.”

Vince headshot

Vince Boulay - Pella

Having CompanyCam allows us a platform to say we did what was needed,” which helps us and all of our customers have some accountability.”

Vince headshot

Vince Boulay - Pella

CompanyCam is more than just an app for us. It is our way for us to communicate internally and externally. It is a visual piece that is going to be just as important for us from a communication standpoint as email. So for us, it’s more than an app. It’s how we’re going to hold our people accountable, it’s how we’re going to show our pride, and ultimately communicate in a way that’s cutting edge and above and beyond what everyone in our field and industry are doing.”

Aaron headshot

Aaron Neuroth - Pella

I’ve seen similar things, but nothing quite like CompanyCam.”

Aaron headshot

Aaron Neuroth - Pella

CompanyCam just protects you. Especially if you’re in the construction business, you need to document and you need that transparency.”

Aaron headshot

Aaron Neuroth - Pella

It’s liability, it’s marketing, it’s really a lot of tools in a really simple program.”

Wade Tutt paramount loss consulting principal headshot

Wade Tutt - Paramount Loss Consulting

We just did a $4.3mil claim where I copy and pasted the timeline link on the back of my claims package shared over 700 photos to the carrier in one click. Before CompanyCam I would have had to manually send a bunch of emails and attach 20 photos per email.”

Mark headshot headshot

Mark Bartolome - BK Restoration

CompanyCam helps us solve problems because we can interact with people in the field in real-time and track the progress of jobs throughout the day.”

Mark headshot headshot

Mark Bartolome - BK Restoration

You can oversee projects without having to be there all the time which frees our time to have a higher volume of projects. Time is money.”

Jeff headshot headshot

Jeff Koepke - BK Restoration

Most of all it saves error because we can all communicate with a photo. Communication is crystal clear.”

Dan and jamie gg 2 headshot

Owners - Grounds Guys

We did a bid a year ago, just a basic mulch job, and the homeowner decided she’d wait a while longer. Well, this season she called us up again and because we had all the photos from the last time we went out there we were able to get her a quote without making a trip back to the property.”

Foreman - Grounds Guys

We save hours each week, just in communicating back and forth about jobs.”

Screen Shot 2019 07 09 at 10 24 04 AM headshot

Sherri Tafoya - Custom Blinds & Design

One of my customers, Jill, could see her dining room shades getting installed from work — before she even got home — then sent the link to the photos to her husband . It took her 30 seconds and she was blown away.” 

Screen Shot 2019 07 09 at 10 24 04 AM headshot

Sherri Tafoya - Custom Blinds & Design

CompanyCam saves us at least one trip to the home per install which means the time, the gas, the payroll. All of that efficiency makes CompanyCam worth it.”

Screen Shot 2019 07 09 at 10 41 09 AM headshot

Marcus Ramer - Custom Blinds & Design

Before CompanyCam, a designer would have to find us back at the gallery and ask us questions then get back to the client the following day. With CompanyCam, we can solve problems and answer questions live, while they’re still at the clients house.

Screen Shot 2019 07 09 at 10 41 09 AM headshot

Marcus Ramer - Custom Blinds & Design

Since we’re taking photos during the initial measure, I can go back in before the install and I know what I’m walking into without having to call back to the office.


Brian Gray -

Company Cam is essential. We are a very visual industry and we have to have it.

Selvin Lopez - Selvin's Landscaping

Use the app and I love it. Makes my life easy and improves communication with my teams.

Bailey Peer - Peer Landscaping

I use it for my landscaping company. Organization and clear communication are very important to me, with this app it allows us to be extremely on point. Highly recommend!

Seth Hobbs - Adventures Outback

We use CompanyCam at Adventures Outback and AO Services in Austin, TX. Makes our job WAY easier.

Jack Divine - Divine Concrete

Excellent app for customer accountability. My crew doesn’t love technology or being told they have to take pictures, but the ease of the app helped me roll this out! Thank you for helping us keep customers honest with photo documentation!

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