iOS/React Native Developer

Job Description

CompanyCam is looking for an iOS developer, preferably with experience with React Native. Should have a minimum of 2 year of experience writing mobile apps. Our app is primarily React Native but you still will have to read and occasionally write Objective-C/Swift. We have a shared code base for our iOS and Android apps, so you will also communicate frequently with the Android team about new features.

You should be passionate about your code. It should bother you if you write a bad piece of code just to hack something together. We would rather have something build properly and with the future in mind. Being the second addition to the backend team, you will help make decisions about code style, technologies, etc.

Technologies we use:

  • React Native
  • Redux with Redux Persist (SQLite Store)
  • Bugsnag


  • Help maintain existing application by investigating bugs and implementing fixes to common crashes or error reports.
  • Implement new features using latest best practices.
  • Participate in code reviews to help everyone grow.
  • Write native bridges for functionality not available directly through React Native.


  • Experience with React/React Native
  • Experience with Redux and supporting libraries

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