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Work shouldn’t (always) have to feel like work. Feel the same? Check out our open positions and send in an application, we’d love to meet you!

Hi, we’re CompanyCam. We’re the best job site capture and communication tool for contractors (roofers, remodelers, plumbers, etc). Imagine a B2B app that doesn’t look like garbage, made by a team of capable, laid-back people. But don’t let the chill throw you off; we’re a fast-growing, product-led startup with big plans for the future.

Why CompanyCam?

Did you wake up this morning with a burning desire to build or market an app for roofers, remodelers, or plumbers? No? I didn’t think so. I admit, it’s not something one thinks about without some prompting. But bear with me for a moment…

Contractors are everywhere. They build our homes, they literally put roofs over our heads, they wire up our electricity, give us access to the internet, fix our plumbing and AC, paint our homes, the list goes on.

At CompanyCam, you’ll work with intelligent, kind people to make contractors’ work easier and create time for them, so they can get shit done and spend more time with their families or on other things they care about. Sound corny? You’ll find that mid-westerner ethos permeate our culture (we’re based in Lincoln, NE), so if you can’t hang with that, no hard feelings, but this probably isn’t the best place for you.

What’s It Like to Work at CompanyCam?

Life at CompanyCam is many things. It’s exciting, it’s fast-paced, it’s often mildly inappropriate, and it’s where shit gets done.
We’re a relatively small team, about 70 or so of us now, but that doesn’t mean our output is small. We’ve got big plans for CompanyCam, and we’ve found that when people are excited to come to work, they’re more excited to execute those big plans.
Our company is tight knit, collaborative, supportive, and laid back. Everyone has a vested interest in making sure people are happy here. We like people who know how to have a good time while doing good work, who can take a joke and put our CEO Luke in his place. We take birthdays seriously, Free Lunch Friday is basically a holiday, and lake day is no joke. We work hard, we arguably play much harder.
You spend 40 hours of your life at work each week, why not make em enjoyable?

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Our Core Values

We keep things simple around here with three core values:

Show Up: It won’t always be easy, but we get it done.

Grow Up: For CompanyCam to grow we all need to grow. We’re OK with change. We take responsibility, learn continuously, and have a growth mindset.

Do Good: We treat each other and our customers the way we ourselves would want to be treated.

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Benefits & Perks

🏥 Health & Wellness

Full-time employees’ health insurance premiums are 100% covered and we also contribute to dependent premiums. We also invest in your mental health by providing a free-to-employees counseling service. Oh! And there’s voluntary dental, vision, and life insurance plans but you’ve gotta ask nicely.

📅 Common Sense Time Off

We’re pretty relaxed with hours and PTO. As long as you’re getting shit done, you’re free to take vacation and time off as you need it. Finding a work-life balance is pretty easy here. 

💻 The Latest Gear

Full-time employees get a shiny new MacBook Pro (or Windows equivalent) plus $200 extra to cover mouse, keyboard, etc. If you’re in the office, we also set you up with a fancy monitor and standing desk.

🏢 Meaningful Equity

We’re growing fast and have big plans for the future. We want all employees to have a vested interest in seeing CompanyCam succeed, so that means we’ll give you some real equity.

🍕 Free Food Fridays

Every Friday we bring in some grub for lunch. Half the time its pizza, sometimes it’s something fancier from local eateries. We also still celebrate everyone’s birthday with your fav drinks and zerts. Rest assured, you’ll be fed and full on Friday afternoons – just in time to take off and head to the Tavern for beer-thirty. 

👕 Free T‑Shirts & Hats

Your wardrobe will love working here. On any given day at CompanyCam, you’ll run into at least a couple folks in their CoCam tees or hats. We’ve got lots of colors and they’re all super soft.

🧠 Growth Mindset + Try Anything Mentality

We’re a startup, so we’re not afraid to stick our neck out there and test something new. If it doesn’t work, we’ve learned something. If it does work, we’ve done something awesome. No red tape or bureaucracy here — We grow up together!

☕️ Location, Location, Location

We’re located right in the heart of the Haymarket District in Lincoln, Nebraska. We cover your parking, and you’re just walking distance from tons of restaurants, happy hour spots, and coffee shops — what more could you ask for?

Some Tools We Use to Do Our Job

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