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Lack of trust is holding back your business

Build trust with less talk using CompanyCam

You need to trust your crew to get the job done.

Are you constantly checking in on sites and updating teams, subs, and customers? With visual proof in real-time, you gain insight without follow-ups. When crews document jobs, everyone has access to all the images, notes, comments, and other communications — effortlessly organized with GSP and time-stamps. You know what’s happening, in the field or the office, across all projects.

Tim Conlan Reliant Roofing headshot

Tim Conland - Reliant Roofing, Inc.

CampanyCam is easy to use and gives me eyes in the field over multiple projects instantaneously. It is also helps me communicate to my customer by showing them what our crews completed and when.

Customers need to trust you to do the job right.

Are clients asking for progress reports? Sharing project timelines with documentation you’ve already captured makes it seamless to communicate with customers on job progress. You choose the photos you want them to see, text them a link, and they can follow along with updates as they happen.

Chris Martin Martin Roofing Remodeling LLC headshot

Chris Martin - Martin Roofing & Remodeling

Simple, organized, time-saving, huge value-added app. This is a phenomenal tool that helps earn a prospective customer’s trust right off the bat when we send them PDF reports with comments right from the truck/​field after inspecting their roof. Homeowners/​customers love the ability to check in on jobs when we share the project timeline link to see the progress made when we are replacing their roofs, providing them confidence that we are doing as we promise. I highly recommend this app for ALL contractors.

Grow your business with a tool that builds trust.

Successful businesses understand the value trust brings within the team, for winning business, and maintaining satisfied customers.
Give everyone instant access to the facts they need and establish a solid foundation of trust with CompanyCam’s features.

Time and GPS Stamps

Captured with all photo and videos.

Effortless Project Organization

A hub of documentation, organized by project location.

Everything in Real-Time

Photos, videos, and comments available to everyone.

Shareable Project Timelines

Links to share with customers, subs, or partners.

PDF Photo Reports

Visual evidence for insurance, estimates, or bids.

To-Do Lists

Great for SOPs and knowing everything is done.

Build trust with less talk.

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