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New Integration: CompanyCam + SuccessWare21

Great news – we’ve recently integrated with SuccessWare21! This latest integration makes it super simple for you to manage all your jobs in one place. 

About the integration:

SuccessWare21 is the complete business management solution for service contractors. Their platform allows you to manage customer relationships, communicate with clients, keep track of maintenance plans, and simplify your accounting – all in one place. With this new integration, your photos and tags from CompanyCam will automatically flow to the correct record in SuccessWare21, and all your equipment types from SuccessWare21 will be available in CompanyCam, creating a seamless and organized process from start to finish.


Work smarter, not harder:

There’s no more dragging and dropping, texting or emailing photos back and forth, or worse, getting your weekend pictures confused with photos from the job site. The best part is, it won’t take up your own phone’s precious storage space, keep everything neat, organized and separate, automatically.

CompanyCam works for contractors:

Photos taken in CompanyCam store data in the photo including where and when it was taken, who took it, and it allows you to draw and comment right on the photos themselves. Instead of driving to each job site each day, you’ll be able to keep track of each project with the CompanyCam Project Feed, which now integrates seamlessly with SuccessWare21.

How to set it up:

To get started, check out our step by step guide for getting set up!

If you have a CompanyCam account but don’t use SuccessWare21 yet, you can sign up here.

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