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Available on iOS 11 only.

Look Ma, no tape measure

Area Mode

We’ve made your estimating life incredibly simple with our new Area Tool. Find your surface, then stand still and move your phone around, placing points to create the shape you want to measure. After everything is connected you’ll be able to see individual dimensions as well as the total area of your shape.

Let’s get to the point

Line Mode

This one’s easy. Simply stand in one place, plot your points, and check that measurement. No more scratchpad drawings or messy notes, all of your measurements are neatly organized and attached to photos.

We’ve got this p*tch covered

Pitch Mode

We’ve made it super easy to find the pitch of a roof. All you have to do is open the Pitch Tool, scan the surface, hit the measure pitch’ button and we’ll show you what you’re working with. It’s like magic.

Show them what you’re working with!

Object Mode

This one’s pretty sweet. To add a virtual object you simply have to select Object Mode, scan the area, and then pick from a variety of objects in our library. We’re adding new ones all the time and we always welcome suggestions!


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