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take a peek at Mabrey Roofing & Construction’s year with CompanyCam


Photos taken

Holy moly. That's enough pictures to get the annoying "storage is full" pop-up like 57 times. Good thing you have that CoCam unlimited cloud storage, right? :)


Projects created

And all those photos were distributed among a metric ton of projects! You stayed busy this year, happy we could help keep it all organized.


Zoom calls

If you're anything like the team at CompanyCam, you probably spent about 50x more time on Zoom than you ever hoped.
Ehem, you're on mute!


Zip codes visited

But somehow, despite all those Zoom calls, you still managed to hit quite a few zip codes! Look at you go!


Gallons of hand sanitizer

What would 2020 be without the vigorous sanitizing of our hands everytime we left the house? Nothing like discovering all your new nicks and cuts with some Purell, amirite?



You have quite the team behind you. They made sure the work got done and customers were taken care of, no matter what weird curveball 2020 threw their way. Cheers to that.

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Rolls of toilet paper purchased

And finally, enough TP to wrap the world 3x over. That Costco membership is really paying for itself these days.

2020 was a strange, challenging, and sometimes grueling year—but you and your team made it out the other side, and we at CompanyCam are so glad you did. Now let's all take what we learned, the ways we adapted, and how we looked out for those around us into 2021 and make it the best one yet.

CoCam is rooting for you!

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