We thought we’d wrap up 2018 and put a nice little bow on it for you.

Check out what Dahl Construction Company and CompanyCam accomplished this past year.

Photos Taken


This year, Dahl Construction Company took 514 photos within CompanyCam, which contributed to the roughly 45 million photos CompanyCam is currently storing.

Number of photos graphic
Projects Created


Those 514 photos were automatically uploaded and organized at the 6 different projects you created.

Number of projects graphic
Before and Afters Generated

Looks like you didn't create many Before and After photos this year. They're a great way to show off your hard work and the transformation your projects go through from beginning to end. We have tons of pre-designed layouts that will automatically (and easily) format your photos into something worth sharing.

Number of before and afters graphic
Total Users


But who’s taking all these pictures and creating all these projects and sharing these Before and Afters? Why it’s all 5 users you have! CompanyCam works best when everyone’s using it, and you get that. Kudos.

Number of users graphic