You know all the little things that go into building a pool the right way. But how do you make sure you have record and proof of all of your quality work that’s now buried under the dirt. You take photos, of course. But not just any photos. Smart photos!

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smart photos

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What are ‘smart photos’?

Photos taken in the CompanyCam app are automatically location and time stamped, accessible to everyone on your team, and available to be marked-up and commented on. In real time, you can see what’s going on at each project.

Automatically organized.

Every smart photo lives in a project
based on location.

Take photos with CompanyCam.

Our app creates a fully organized photo library of every photo your company has ever taken.

14 days free. No credit card required.

Company cam is everything I would want if I could design it myself! I’ve been documenting job conditions since before digital cameras. I probably spent a small fortune on Polaroids. I have years of uncategorized photos on my laptop. We have lost phones with hundreds of now lost photos!

Kevin Kraft

Ozzy Kraft Pools

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We know that you need a tool that takes the guess work out of your daily work. With CompanyCam’s smart photos, you can finally feel like you’re everywhere at once.

14 days free. No credit card required.


So many things to highlight.

Team sync

Comments & Tags

Drawing & Annotation

Photo Reports

Project Timelines

Photo Printing

Unlimited Storage


Start taking smart photos today!

14 days free. No credit card required.